Board of Director’s Meeting


September 8, 2008


CALL TO ORDER:  Vice President Sue Fardette, called the meeting to order at  6:10 PM .  Steve ran the meeting after a brief time. Members present were: Steve Sulzby, Sue Fardette,  Diane Sachs, Linda Carder, Louise Sperr, Mark Tang, Kevin Lane, John Killian, Sharon Beran, Frank Bartlett, Fern Dunbar and Irma Johnson. 

Donna Wenberg was absent.


MINUTES:  John made a motion to accept the minutes.  It was seconded by Mark and passed.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The balance is $ 5880.12.  There is a net loss of $ 3,184.88  Last year at this time the net loss was $ 17.08.


CORRESPONDENCE:  Sharon sent cards to Ralph Rivera and Shirley Thomas.

. .

HOSPITALITY/CHARITY:  There was $ 128.00 in the boxes.  Sharon will give it to Donna next month. 


SANCTIONS:  The sanctions have been finished for the year.



The latest In & Out Report from ACBL is for the period 7/31/08 through
9/01/08. It contains the following information:

    Total members:                           471
    Members receiving Bulletin:      409
    Rookie (0-5 MP):                         41
    Junior Master (5 MP):                  38
    Club Master (20 MP):                  47
    Sectional Master (50 MP):           63
    Regional Master (100 MP):         70
     NABC Master (200 MP)             42
    Life Master                                   30
    Bronze Life Master                      65
    Silver Life Master                        53
    Gold Life Master                         18
    Diamond Life Master                    4
    Emerald Life Master                      0
    Platinum Life Master                     0
    Grand Life Master                         0

There were two transfers in this month, to whom Irma will send welcoming
letters, and three transfers out, none of whom now live anywhere near
Long Beach. The only relevant change of status was Lavonne McQuilkin,
who made Bronze.



                                       Sept. 14  - Linda and Sherry

                                       Oct. 5      - Mark

                                       Nov. 16   - Earl and Carol

                                       Dec. 7      -Fern and Diane


Mark made a motion to have a committee for the refreshments for the sectional.  Linda  seconded the motion which was carried.  Mark, Linda, Fern and Sharon will be the committee.


SECTIONAL:  John mad a motion to have a flyer inserted in the Bridge News in October.  Sharon seconded the motion and it was passed.  John made another motion to have an ad put in the Bridge News. . Kevin seconded the motion.  It was passed.  John will ask for a reduced fee since the ad will only be in the paper once.  John then made a motion to put an ad in the District 22 Bridge Forum Paper.  Sue seconded the motion which passed.


IN COORDINATOR:  The attendance has been wonderful and Steve has been given many kudos for his great teaching.  Frank said in the future maybe a Thursday session might be added as the 49 game on that afternoon is growing.


AWARDS:  Steve has been working on the design that Kevin started.  The labels should be working for the sectional.


PUBLICITY:  Sue showed us an article in the Orange County Register about other bridge clubs offering free lessons (Easy Bridge)


OLD BUSINESS:  Fern made a motion that board members play for free at the unit games.  Diane seconded the motion and it was passed.

Fern is going to 8 is enough game this month and will tell us about it at the next meeting.




ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm


NEXT MEETING:  October  27, 2008.  It will be for October and November.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane Sachs