.Board of Director’s Meeting Oct, 12, 2009


CALL TO ORDER:  Diane Sachs called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.  Members present were:  Donna Wenberg, Mary Thomas, Mark Tang, Fern Dunbar, Louise Sperr, Kevin Lane, Sue Fardette, Linda Carder, and John Killian.  Marcus Evans, Elaine Dovgard, Steve Sulzby, Sharon Beran, and Betty Jackson were absent.


MINUTES:  The minutes were accepted as published.


CORRESPONDENCE/HOSPITALITY: Mary Thomas reported that $29.11 was collected for the Women’s Shelter.  She said that Sharon has had an operation.  Mary sent 3 sympathy cards and one get well card.  It was also reported that Phil Brankowsky passed away.


TREASURE’S REPORT:  Donna reported that we have $6,603.  Our net income was $659.86, as compared to -$536.39 in Jan.  



No report was received by your secretary for the month of October since Irma passed away.


REFRESHMENTS:  Sue and Fern will take care of the food for the October unit game.  Diane and Sharon will order pizza for the November game. 


SECTIONAL: Fern and Linda reported on food for the sectional.  They will shop at Smart and Final.  April will borrow the coffee pots from the bridge center.  Diane reported that the sectional is not listed on the ACBL website.  Kevin will take care of it.  Mark will ask April to come to a sectional meeting.


IN COORDINATOR:  Steve was absent.  There will be no class on Tuesday since neither Steve nor Mark can be there.


PUBLICITY/REGIONAL   Kevin passed out some flyers that he prepared for the regional.  Sue will take some to Palm Springs.  Bruce will take some to the national in San Diego.  Kevin will advertise in the Contract Bridge Forum and on the website.  He will also send postcards to people who attend these tournaments.  Donna said that we will be in competition with Reno, but Kevin assured her that Reno will finish their tournament before we start.  Sue will send a notice about the regional to the Press Telegram.


AWARDS:  Fern reported that there is no change in status.




NEW BUSINESS:  Donna made a motion that we close the Bank of America account and move to CoAmerica.  Kevin seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.


ALACBU report:  John reported that they are looking for a spot for the Feb. 2010 regional.  Pasadena will host the July regional.  The City of Industry site is not interested.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.

The next board meeting will be on Nov. 2.


Respectfully submitted: Louise Sperr