Long Beach Unit 557


Board Meeting November 19, 2007    


 Meeting Minutes


In attendance:    Donna Wenberg, Irma Johnson, Steve Sulzby, Sue Fardette, Barbara Balowitz and Mark Tang.

                         Excused members include Jan Wagner, Carol Murakoshi, Diane Sachs, Frank Bartlett and

                         John Killian


 Meeting started at 6:08 pm


Minutes from last board meeting was accepted without further discussions.


 Donna Wenberg presented the current status of the treasury report.  Current balance totalled $7413 as of October 31, 2007.  The expected net from the November sectional is about $2400.


Barbara Balowitz reported on recent correspondence.  Get well cards were sent to Richard Hall.  Sympathy card was sent to John Vanderveen's family.


Barbara Balowitz also noted that $17.63 was collected for the Women Shelter last month.


Steve Sulzby reported that the Tax ID number has been provided to Rand Pinsky for the Women Shelter.  The grant from the ACBL can now be arranged.


 Irma Johnson has completed sanctions for the January through March games.  The Junior Fund games were discussed.  The club will be running the games in February.  Members will be requested for the extra dollar to participate.  The unit will not subsidized for these games.


Refreshments for the upcoming Unit Games:     Carol Murakoshi will be responsible for the December unit game;

Donna Wenberg will handle the January game; and February will be a Potluck.  Steve Sulzby will notified Christine Frumen to advertise the February Potluck event.


 Steve Sulzby reported on the November Sectional tournament held at the Long Beach club.  He noted that Non Life Masters have performed extremely well in the tournament and gotten Silver points.  Steve suggested that the unit sent a letter or postcard to each NLM participating in the Sectional to encourage future attendance.  Free plays will also be provided to NLM competing in the open games in the event of insufficient entries for the 299'er games.  NLM only Sectional tournament was also briefly discussed.  This topic will be discussed in future board meetings.


Steve Sulzby will substitute for Mark Tang from November 27 to December 11 for the Tuesday Noon lessons prior to the 299'ers games.


Next board meeting will be held on December 17, 2007. 


Meeting adjourned at 6:58pm.