Board of Directorís Meeting

November 24, 2008



CALL TO ORDER:  President Steve Sulzby called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm. Members present were: Steve Sulzby,Donna Wenberg, Sue Fardette, Irma Johnson, Diane Sachs,Kevin Lane, Linda Carder, Louise Sperr and Mark Tang.Absent was John Killian and Fern Dunbar.Elaine Dovgard who will be joining the board next month was welcomed as a guest.


MINUTES: After Diane noted that Linda Carderís name was incorrect in last monthís minutes, Irma made a motion to accept the minutes with the change and Kevin second it.The minutes were accepted.


TREASURERíS REPORT: Balance is $ 5,012.95 as of October 31st.There was a net loss of $ 409.54 for the month.A discussion followed on the income from the unit games.The free games and the higher cost of food, rental and directors have eliminated most of the profit.




HOSPITALITY: No report..


SANCTIONS:  No new sanctions.


REFRESHMENTS: Diane and Fern will be in charge of the food for the December 7th unit game.Mark, Louise and Sue will be in charge of the food for the January 11th game.


IN COORDINATOR: Steve Sulzby reported attendance is off.


SECTIONAL:Although the gross income was up approximately $ 2000.00 the profit was down to about $ 1300.00.This was due to the extra rental and directors costs.Mark will be investigating other sites for next years sectional.Private schools and churches will be looked at.Also at the next meeting who should be getting free plays at the sectional will be discussed.




Membership Report
3 November 2008

The latest In & Out Report from ACBL is for the period 9/30/08 through 11/01/08. It contains the following information:

Total members:    ††††††††††††† ††††††††††† 468
    Members receiving Bulletin:      406
    Rookie (0-5 MP):                 ††††††† 43
    Junior Master (5 MP):           ††††   35
    Club Master (20 MP):           ††††   49
    Sectional Master (50 MP):         57
    Regional Master (100 MP):         72
    NABC Master (200 MP)              43
    Life Master                       ††††††††††† 32
    Bronze Life Master               †††††† 65
    Silver Life Master               †††††††† 52
    Gold Life Master               ††††††   16
    Diamond Life Master           †††     4
    Emerald Life Master             ††††   0
    Platinum Life Master         ††††††    0
    Grand Life Master             †††††     0

There were no new members this month, but there were three transfers in from out of state, to whom I shall send welcoming letters.  The only relevant change of status was Bev Souders, who made Life Master.††††


AWARDS:Kevin has finished all the awards for the sectional and has sent them out.The costs were a little higher than anticipated. (mailing)


PUBLICITY:No report.


ELECTIONS:  A discussion was held as to the timing of the election of officers.A slate of officers was approved and will be presented at the December unit game.It is as follows:

††††††††††† President:Diane Sachs(Nominated by Fern in writing and second by Linda)

††††††††††† Vice President:Sue Fardette (Nominated by Diane and second by Kevin)

††††††††††† Treasurer:Donna Wenburg (Nominated by Steve and second by Sue)

††††††††††† Secretary:Lousie Sperr (Nominated by Sue and second by Mark)


Everyone present indicated that they will remain on the board.


NEXT MEETING:The January meeting will be the annual dinner meeting of the2008 and 2009 Board of Directors.Date and Place to be announced.Sue, Fern and Diane will coordinate this.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:52 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane Sachs