.Board of Director¡¯s Meeting  May 5, 2010


CALL TO ORDER:  Diane Sachs called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.  Members present were:  Kevin Lane, Louise Sperr, Sue Fardette, Diane Sachs, Cooie Dampman, Steve Sulzby, Sharon Baran, Sherry Troeger, and John Killian.  Absent were Mark Tang, Fern Dunbar, and Mary Thomas.  


MINUTES: Sherry made a motion to accept the minutes.  Sue seconded it.  Motion passed.


CORRESPONDENCE/HOSPITALITY:  A sympathy card was sent to Betty Barton¡¯s family.


TREASURER¡¯S REPORT:  There was no report since Donna has resigned from the Bridge Center.  Betty Jackson volunteered to be the new treasurer.  Sherry made a motion that we accept Betty as treasurer.  Sue seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  In the future the report will be done so that the balance sheet will be easier to read.  Betty informed us that she has never been paid for the coffeepot she bought for the regional.  The board owes her $141.57.




Total members:                                                              456

Members receiving bulletins:                                        402

Rookie (1-5MP):                                                             45 

Junior Master (5+MP):                                                    32

Club Master (20MP):                                                      37

Sectional Master (50MP):                                               67

Regional Master (100MP):                                             72

NABC Master (200MP):                                                34

Life Master:                                                                    36

Bronze Life Master:                                                       50

Silver Life Master:                                                         52

Gold Life Master:                                                          18

Diamond Life Master:                                                     4

Emerald Life Master:                                                      0

Platinum Life Master:                                                     0

Grand Life Master:                                                         0



REFRESHMENTS: April will prepare the food for the next unit meeting.  Diane suggested that we have a potluck with one meat prepared by April in July or August.  Sherry will confer with April concerning this.   


SECTIONAL:  Since Mark is planning to resign from the board, Steve offered to chair the sectional.  Betty volunteered to man the partnership desk.  John offered to be co-chair.  Fern and Paul will help.  The sectional will be done with the club.  Baum had asked for this because the club loses money when we have a sectional elsewhere.  Kevin is concerned that we will not have enough room at the club to accommodate everyone. At this point the Sectional will be held on Nov.11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th.


IN COORDINATOR:  Diane reported that the Tues. class is well-attended.  She suggested that Hank be given a ten-play card for his efforts.  Sue made this motion with Kevin seconding it.  Motion passed.   Incidentally, a motion was made by Betty that Elinor Bartelle be given a ten-play card for her work in checking the books.  Sue seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


AWARDS:  No report since Fern was absent.


PUBLICITY:  No report.


OLD BUSINESS:  The pair imp game will be on May 16th.  Diane will check on directors.


NEW BUSINESS:  Larry voiced a concern that new players are reluctant to join in a game after they have finished their class.  He would like to inaugurate mentor games to  relax them enough to play on their own.  He will work with Bob and try to come up with a plan. 

Diane reported that the Nov. unit game coincides with the sectional.  She suggested that we change the date of the unit game to Nov. 7th.


ALACBU:  No report.


ADJOURNMENT:  7:01PM   The motion was made by Cookie and seconded by Sherry.  Motion passed.  The next board meeting will be June 7th.


Respectfully submitted: Louise Sperr