Board of Director’s Meeting, May 4th,  2009


CALL TO ORDER:  President Diane Sachs called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.  Members present were:  Diane Sachs, Steve Sulzby, Donna Wenberg, Sue Fardette, Irma Johnson, Kevin Lane, Linda Carder, Mark Tang, John Killian, Fern Dunbar, Mary Thomas, Elaine Dovgard, Betty Jackson, and Louise Sperr.  Sharon Beran and Marcus Evans were absent.


MINUTES:  The minutes were read by Louise Sperr.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Linda, seconded by Mark.  The minutes were accepted.


TREASURE’S REPORT:  Donna reported that we have $6656.71 in the bank.   Our net income was $279.63, as compared to -$512.93 in January.  Last year, in January, we had a loss of $2564.07. 


SANCTIONS/MEMBERSHIP:  Diane reported that the May unit game will be the 17th after all.  No new sanctions. 

The report of membership from ACBL as of May 4th is as follows:


Total members:                                                      462

Members receiving bulletins:                                401

Rookie (1-5MP);                                                     40

Junior Master (5MP):                                              38

Club Master (20MP):                                              49

Sectional Master (50 MP):                                      57

Regional Master (100MP):                                     71

NABC Master (200):                                              43

Life Master:                                                            30

Bronze Life Master:                                               64

Silver Life Master:                                                 49

Gold Life Master:                                                  17

Diamond Life Master:                                             4

Emerald Life Master:                                              0

Platinum Life Master:                                             0

Grand Life Master:                                                 0



REFRESHMENTS:  Linda reported that Steve and Mark will be responsible for the June 14th game.  She will ask Marcus and Mary to cover the July game.


SECTIONAL:  Mark reported that the exact cost for Monday’s game would be $400.  Mark made a motion, seconded by Steve, to use the Rush Park auditorium for all three days.  The motion was carried.   Mark will need a check by May 7th.  We will still have to provide liquid refreshments and rolls.  Donna agreed to let us borrow the urns from the club if we promise to replace anything broken or lost.   We will need to provide a meal on the day of the Swiss games.  A discussion ensued.  We might possibly get a box lunch from Marie Calendar’s.  Sue will check into this.  We will charge $10 for each game.  A discussion as to who gets free plays ensued.  This will be decided later by Mark.   Kevin calculated the amount of money we will earn to be about $2500.  Mark asked Betty to be at the partnership desk.  She agreed.  Mary, Sherry, Fern and Linda will be on the refreshment committee.  A sign up sheet will be posted for treats.  Bringing a treat would enable a person to be included in a raffle.  Sue suggested selling raffle tickets.   The tables will be put in vans for overnight.  We decided the we will no longer name the games.  Flyers need to be posted by July 2nd.  Sue will work with Kevin and Mark to make the sectional flyers.  Irma said that the sectional needs to be sanctioned.  She will need the full schedule in order to get the sanction. 


PUBLICITY:  Sue reported that she has 50 flyers for Eight Is Enough here for people to take.  Please sign up for teams.  Add your level.  Some flyers will be taken to Anaheim.   


IN COORDINATOR:  Steve reported that about a dozen people attended the Tuesday class, were attentive and asked questions..


AWARDS:  Fern and Steve were complimented on the great job they did on the awards game.  Donna was complimented on her good food.


OLD BUSINESS:  South Bay Club was given some bidding boxes.  They will donate money to the Women’s Shelter. 


ACACBU:  Kevin had nothing to report


The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Louise Sperr