Board of Directorís Meeting
March 12, 2007

CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Sulzby called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.  Members present were:  Steve Sulzby, John Killian, Carol Murakoshi, Donna Wenberg, Barbara Balowitz, Sue Fardette, Merlin Hansen, Irma Johnson, Diane Sachs, and Jan Wagner.  Also in attendance were:  Keith Hafen and Marshall Pelle.  Excused were:   Frank Bartlett and Mark Tang.

MINUTES:    There was an amendment to the February Minutes.  No Treasurerís report was attached. Barbara made a motion to accept the amended minutes and  Diane seconded.  Motion carried.

TREASURERíS REPORT:  Donna Wenberg reported that the current total assets as of February 28, 2007was $6,637.55 that reflected a negative change of $385.87 compared to last year at this time.  The net income in February, 2007 was a negative $734.40 due to the subscription fees paid to ACBL.  The Treasurerís report was approved as read.

CHARITY/HOSPITALITY:  Barbara Balowitz reported that a sum of $14.00 was collected from both book and charity boxes.  She will send a sympathy card to Sara Langley who lost her mother, Marie. 

SANCTIONS:  Irma Johnson reported that the sanctions for the second quarter have been made:  April 22nd, and May 6th .  June 17th, is the ACBL Charity Fund Unit Game. 

REFRESHMENTS:  Merlin Hansen and Carol Murakoshi will coordinate the April Awards Unit Game luncheon.  Diane Sachs volunteered to do May.  An assistant is needed for May and volunteers are needed for June as well.


AWARDS:  Jan Wagner has ordered the license plates.  No letters will be sent to awardees.  Christine Frumen will post the information in her column.  Certificates will be made and free plays will be presented to all awardees.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:    Irma Johnson reported the latest In & Out stats from ACBL for the period 1-31-07 through 3-1-07.
            Total Members:              467
            Members receiving Bulletin    411
            Rookie                         38
            Junior Master                     36
            Club Master                  51
            Sectional Master              70
            Regional Master              65
            NABC Master                     41
            Life Master                  30
            Bronze Life Master              63
            Silver Life Master              54
            Gold Life Master              16
            Diamond Life Master            3
There was one new member,  one transfer in, and one transfer out.  Relevant changes of status  during the period were: Fern Dunbar and Peter Eddy, who made Life Master; Tom Ludwig and Dale Manos, who made Bronze Life Master.

OLD BUSINESS: Publishing a new Unit Membership roster was brought up again.  Irma brought the  Unit 557ís ACBL membership roster dated 10/01/06.  Having a roster or not is still an issue.  Irma raised the question of liability. Some members do not want their addresses published in a public roster.  She suggested that permission from the members and signed consent forms be given to the unit to prevent liability problems. 500 copies of the 2006 Roster are almost gone.  It was discussed that 1,000 copes should be ordered next time.  Nothing was decided on this matter.
Merlin Hansen concluded that while taking a survey regarding the Christmas Formal,  the general membership is not interested in having any kind of formal in the near future.  The board has decided not to pursue it any further.

NEW BUSINESS:    Keith Hafen has volunteered to set up a Web Page Roster.  This roster would supplement the current published roster and update information when changes are needed.  He said that this is a huge project and may take him some time.  Again, the liability issues were raised. Diane Sachs made a motion to table this to the next meeting, and Sue Fardette seconded.  Motion carried.
Diane Sachs brought up a new idea of having an Intramural Tournament between the local clubs in the area.  The board will look into this and discuss it at the next meeting. 

ADJOURNMENT:    Donna Wenberg made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Sue Fardette seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.  The next monthly meeting will be on Monday, April 9, 2007 at 6:00 pm.

Carol Murakoshi, Secretary