Board of Directors Meeting

March 6, 2006


CALL TO ORDER:  President John Killian called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.  Members present were:  John Killian, Arnie Maddox, Carol Murakoshi, Barbara Balowitz, Frank Bartlett, Merlin Hansen, Irma Johnson, Morris Lorber, Marshall Pelle, Frank Seipp, Steve Sulzby and Jan Wagner.  Members excused:  Rosemary Ford and Donna Wenberg.  Guest attendee was:  Keith Hafen.


MINUTES:  Frank Bartlett moved and Morris Lorber seconded to approve the minutes as read.  Motion carried.




HOSPITALITY/CHARITY:    Barbara Balowitz collected $20.00 from both the Book and Charity Boxes.  She sent a Sympathy card to the family of Dorothy McCollom and will send a Get Well card to Phyllis Fox. 


SANCTIONS: Despite Carol Murakoshi’s informal findings from the players in the open, the Board members felt that we should have some variety at our Unit Games.  A discussion on having an Individual game at the October 29th Unit Game was held.   It will be a Halloween game where players will be encouraged to wear costumes.  Free Plays will be awarded to the top three costumes with the Board members judging the event.  Barbara Balowitz made a motion  and Merlin Hansen seconded to have a Halloween Individual Game.  Motion carried.  Members have also requested a Swiss Team Game format where players can choose their teams.  Discussion on this was tabled to the next Board meeting in April. 




WEBSITE:  Keith Hafen reported that the current Website is a Forum Site where links or results cannot be added.  He contacted IX Web Hosting as a Web  Host where results can be posted on the website weekly.  The name of our website will be:  ACBLUnit557.org.  Keith has agreed to keep the website current by updating results weekly.  The approximate cost is $120.00 for two years.  Frank Bartlett moved and Irma Johnson seconded to allot funds for the site.  Motion carried. 


AWARDS:  Morris Lorber reported that everything has been ordered and taken care of for the Awards Unit Game on April 23rd. 


SCHOLARSHIP:    John Killian has posted 3 scholarship applications on the bulletin board.  Information on the applications has also been mentioned in the Southern California Bridge News.


I/N REPORT:  Steve Sulzby reported that there are approximately 15 students at his teaching sessions on Tuesday afternoons.  He will encourage the players to participate at the Unit Games since we’ve had a poor showing of NLM’s recently.  Frank Bartlett suggested and made a motion to reimburse the NLM players if they are forced to play in the Open.  Carol Murakoshi seconded.  Motion carried. 

Irma Johnson encouraged the Board members to try to enlist more people to the world of Bridge.  In the past, the L.B. Bridge Center tried to advertise in the local Long Beach newspapers, which was not very successful.  The Grunion Gazette  and information on Bridge classes in the Long Beach Parks and Recreation brochure had the most responses.  Irma reported that half of the beginners/intermediate groups came from the Parks and Rec. program. 


MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Irma Johnson reported the latest In & Out stats from ACBL for the period 1/31/06 through 3/01/06.       

                        Total Members                                475

                        Members receiving Bulletin             417

                        Rookie                                                  36

                        Junior Master                           41

                        Club Master                                         49

                        Sectional Master                                 76

                        Regional Master                                  71

                        NABC Master                                      38

                        Life Master                                           28

                        Bronze Life Master                             64

                        Silver Life Master                                53

                        Gold Life Master                                 16     

                        Diamond Life Master                            3

There was one new member and one transfer in to whom Irma will send welcoming letters.  (The transfer in was Jerry Mailberg.)  There was one relevant change of status this period:  Margo Coffman became a Silver Life Master.


OLD BUSINESS:   Information on the United States Bridge Federation Camp was reviewed and discussed.  Arnie Maddox moved and Merlin Hansen seconded that Unit 557 not support the U.S. Bridge Federation Camp.  Motion carried.


NEW BUSINESS:    John Killian made a motion to spend up to $50.00 for a gift to Louise Applequist for her time/effort in publishing the new Unit 557 Roster/Directory. Motion carried.  The rosters will be distributed at the next unit game on March 19th. 

ADJOURNMENT:  Arnie Maddox moved and Merlin Hansen seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The next monthly meeting will be on Monday, April 10, 2006 at 6:00 pm. 


Carol Murakoshi