Board of Directorís Meeting, June 8th,2009


CALL TO ORDER:President Diane Sachs called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.Members present were:Diane Sachs, Steve Sulzby, Sue Fardette, Irma Johnson, Kevin Lane, Linda Carder, Mark Tang, John Killian and Sharon Beran.†† Donna Wenberg, Fern Dunbar and Mary Thomas were excused. Elaine Dovgard, Betty Jackson, Louise Sperr and Marcus Evans were absent.


MINUTES:A motion to accept the minutes was made by Kevin, seconded by Linda.The minutes were accepted.


TREASURERíS REPORT:††† No treasurerís report.


HOSPITALITY:Cards were sent to Jack Biggs and Doris James, each of whom had been hospitalized.


SANCTIONS:June 14th, July 19th, August 9th, and September 20th have been sanctioned as pair games.



7 June 2009


The latest In & Out Report from ACBL is for the period 4/30/09 through 6/01/09. It contains the following information:


Total members:                   458

Members receiving Bulletin:      399

Rookie (0-5 MP):                  42

Junior Master (5 MP):             37

Club Master (20 MP):              46

Sectional Master (50 MP):         60

Regional Master (100 MP):         69

NABC Master (200 MP):        †††† 42

Life Master:                      29

Bronze Life Master:               61

Silver Life Master:               51

Gold Life Master:                 17

Diamond Life Master:               4

Emerald Life Master:               0

Platinum Life Master:              0

Grand Life Master:                 0


There were two new members this month and one transfer in to whom I shall welcoming letters. There also was one transfer out. The only relevant change of status was Ralph Beazley, who made Silver LM.


REFRESHMENTS:Mark and Steve will be doing refreshments for the June unit game.Marcus and Mary will do Julyís unit game.John and Kevin will do Augustís unit game.Sue and Diane will cover Septemberís unit game.


SECTIONAL:Kevin Lane passed out the flyers that he had created in order to publicize the sectional.He received nothing but glowing comments about them.Sue Fardette reported that Marie Callenders will cater the Sunday dinner by catering a boxed sandwich, cookie, fruit for $8 and will deliver it.A weekís notice was required by them.

April Berg is a caterer and will be approached about perhaps doing the beverages and the Sunday dinner instead of Marie Callenders.Rental truck will be used to transport the tables and perhaps store them, too.Ken Dischener will need to be contacted about this.Some sectional financial projections were distributed to the board by Kevin.


PUBLICITY:Poster will be placed in back room encouraging beginning class students to join ACBL.


IN COORDINATOR:Steve reported that classes are going well in back room.


AWARDS:No report.



NEW BUSINESS:Motion by Kevin to spend $135 for advertising on district website covering July through November.John seconded this, motion passed.Motion was made by Sue to advertise in District 22 publication, purchasing a ľ page notice for their September and October distributions.Seconded by John, motion passed.Kevin said that ALACBU has interesting in returning a regional to Long Beach.Some discussion of that took place.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:59 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Steven F. Sulzby.