Board of Director’s Meeting


June 9, 2008



CALL TO ORDER:  President Steve Sulzby called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Members present were: Steve Sulzby, Fern Dunbar,  Sue Fardette, Irma Johnson,  Diane Sachs, Linda Carder, Louise Sperr, Mark Tang, Kevin Lane, Barnard Mann and  Donna Wenberg. 

 Frank Bartlett, Sharon Beran. and Barbara Balowitz were absent.


Guests Presents:  Rand Pinsky, Baum Harris and Gloria Ramos.


MINUTES:  The minutes for May were accepted.


Steve passes around an article that appeared in the LA Times with a picture of Rand Pinsky.  It was an answer to a CBS sports report that people over 50 play bridge while people under 50 play video games.  The article ended with the catchy phrase from Rand that Bridge is no longer a game for your grandmother.


Rand told us about things that are going on in our district as well as nationally in the bridge world. 


There is a Team Game Sectional at the San Fernando Valley Bridge Academy.  All profits will be given to our GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS to help support their expenses as they represent our District in the GNT National Competition.


October 18th at the LA Regional at the Pacific Palms the 1st ANNUAL KANTAR CLASSIC OPEN PAIRS event will take place.  Card Fees of  $ 135.00 include private pre-game coffee with Eddie Kantar, 2 sessions of Bridge, Dinner with Eddie as Honoree and Speaker.  1st overall winners of each strat will sit at Eddie’s table at dinner.  Semi-Formal attire is requested.


Discussion is going on about changes for Life Master status.  The general feeling is that there should not be changes for current ACBL members.  In the future changes in other levels will be discussed.


Cell phone discussion is continuing.  The present policy is that no cell phones may be taken into national level events.  Regional events remain under the old policies.


Baum suggested that ACBL should target the baby boomers more heavily.  He felt that younger people were not the best target and that ACBL seems to target them heavily

Rand will share that information at the next directors meeting.


Goretty Ramos, the Director of Outreach Programs of WomenShelter of Long Beach thanked us for the donation of $ 4000.00 which we had received from a grant of the ACBL.  She said that private donations mean a great deal to the staff who are very loyal and underpaid.  The WomenShelter has a shelter house for up to 8 families that stay for 30-45 days.  The outreach services have around 400 clients to help men, women and children of domestic violence.  Various services are provided including counseling, education and other help.


Irma told us that this has been our charity of choice for about 25 years.


Donna presented Goretty with another check that was donated in lieu of payment for Eddie Kantar playing at the Unit Game.



TREASURER’S REPORT: The balance is $6,399.64.  There was a net loss of

$ 2,665.36 so far this year.  Last year at this time the net loss was $ 161.28.  Some of this difference was due to a greater amount spent on awards this year.  


CORRESPONDENCE:  Sue sent out five cards.  Shirley Tavlin, Merlin Hansen, Barbara Balowitz,,  Lou E Greene  and  Curtis Johnson.

. .

HOSPITALITY:  There was $ 22,00 in the boxes.


SANCTIONS:  The sanctions have been finished for the year.



The latest In & Out Report from ACBL is for the period 4/30/08 through
6/01/08. It contains the following information:

    Total members:                           461
    Members receiving Bulletin:      401
    Rookie (0-5 MP):                   44
    Junior Master (5 MP):            33
    Club Master (20 MP):            45
    Sectional Master (50 MP):     61
    Regional Master (100 MP):   69
     NABC Master (200               43
    Life Master                             31
    Bronze Life Master                60
    Silver Life Master                  53
    Gold Life Master                   18
    Diamond Life Master              4
    Emerald Life Master                0
    Platinum Life Master               0
    Grand Life Master                   0

There were three new members and three transfers in this month to whom
Irma will send welcoming letters. There also were two transfers out, both
of whom transferred to units in Orange County, where they live.

Relevant changes of status were Alan Flower and Jean Kato who made Life
Master, and Sue Sood and Emma Trepinski who made Bronze.


REFRESHMENTS:    The food for May was slightly over $ 300.00.  Steve reminded us again that all board members should be helping to serve and cleanup.  In the future in addition to the 2 people in charge of food either Steve, Sue or Diane will oversee the luncheon or someone else will be appointed to do it.


SECTIONAL:  Mark suggested that we do compact knockouts for Saturday and Monday.  Hopefully the changes will fit on the flyer format.  Also Diane suggested that we have boxed lunches for the Swiss team on Sunday.  Neither suggestion was voted on.


IN COORDINATOR:   no report


ROSTER:  no report


OLD BUSINESS:  no report


NEW BUSINESS:  Donna made a motion to change the price of the unit games to

$ 9.00.  Irma seconded the motion and it was passed


 A suggestion by Louise to try some Eight is enough games that was written up in the Bridge magazine will be discussed next month.




NEXT MEETING:  July 14, 2008.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane Sachs