Board of Director’s Meeting

June 11, 2007


CALL TO ORDER:  President Steve Sulzby called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.  Members present were:  Steve Sulzby, John Killian, Carol Murakoshi, Donna Wenberg, Barbara Balowitz, Frank Bartlett, Sue Fardette, Merlin Hansen, Irma Johnson, Diane Sachs, Mark Tang and Jan Wagner.  Guest attendees were: Baum Harris and Loren Hilf-New owners of the Long Beach Bridge Center and Christine Frumen-S.Ca.Bridge News Columnist.


MINUTES:    The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Donna Wenberg reported that the current total assets as of May 31, 2007 was $6,369.02 that reflected a positive change of $502.39 compared to last year at this time.  The net income in May 2007 was $200.66.  The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.


CHARITY/HOSPITALITY:   Barbara Balowitz reported that a sum of $18.50 was collected from both book and charity boxes.  She sent a Get Well card to Roger Farmer and Sympathy Card to Mary Nell Solomon.

The ACBL Charity Donation of approximately $4000.00 will be granted to Unit 557 for the Long Beach Women’s Shelter.  Christine Frumen volunteered to take over the charity responsibility from Donna Wenberg who is overwhelmed with her new managerial responsibilities at the Long Beach Bridge Center. 

June 17, 2007 is our Unit Charity Game. Jan Wagner moved that we charge an extra dollar at the game to donate to the Women’s Shelter.  Members of the Board will make announcements during the week. Barbara Balowitz seconded.  Motion carried.


SANCTIONS:  Irma Johnson reported that the Sanctions for the Unit Games for the next quarter have been completed:  July 15th, August 19th and September 19th.  The September game will be scheduled as both a Swiss Team game and Open Pairs game to satisfy all players.


REFRESHMENTS:  John Killian and Frank Bartlett  volunteered to coordinate the luncheon in June.  Volunteers for July include:  Mark Tang and Steve Sulzby.  Carol Murakoshi and Merlin Hansen are  chairing the August Unit Game and Barbara Balowitz and Sue Fardette are slated for September.




AWARDS:   Frank Bartlett-2007/08 Awards Chairman mentioned that members were inquiring about the medallions that were previously presented at the Awards Presentation. After a brief discussion, Frank moved and Mark seconded  that the medallions be reinstated in 2008.  Motion carried.  Frank also volunteered to update the  Awards plaques posted above the freezer. 

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Irma Johnson reported the latest In & Out stats from ACBL for the period 4-30-07 through 6-1-07. 


            Total Members                                            459

            Members receiving Bulletin             402

            Rookie                                                               38

            Junior  Master                                                   34

            Club  Master                                                     51

            Sectional Master                                              68

            Regional Master                                               63

            NABC Master                                                   44

            Life Master                                                        27

            Bronze Life Master                                          61

            Silver Life Master                                             52

            Gold Life Master                                              18

            Emerald Life Master                                          3

There was one new member, three transfers in and two transfers out.  There were two relevant changes of status:  Linda and Dick Stein became Bronze Life Masters.

OLD BUSINESS:   John Killian reported that the Sectional Flyers were reprinted due to the incorrect dates.  The unit will reimburse John for the printing costs.

Merlin Hansen reported that two Bridge Clubs are interested in the Intramural Competition:  West LA and Anaheim.  The first match will be held on Aug. 2nd in Beverly Hills and the second on Aug. 9th in Long Beach.  Details of the competition will be posted on the Unit Bulletin Board.  The Anaheim unit is interested and dates will be selected in September. 


NEW BUSINESS:  Baum Harris reported that he and Loren Hilf are available to help Unit 557 in any capacity.  His suggestions to help promote the game of Bridge included: 1) bring the Baby Boomers to the club 2) mail  letters or call all members to welcome them to the unit games 3)contacting social bridge players and offering each board member 3 Free plays to give to non-club bridge players.4)promoting Bridge Plus groups at the club.  The board members welcomed comments from Baum and hope to continue a symbiotic relationship with the new club owners.


ADJOURNMENT:  It was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm. The next monthly meeting will be on Mon. July 9, 2007 at 6 pm.


Carol Murakoshi