Long Beach Unit 557


Board Meeting July 14, 2008   


 Meeting Minutes


In attendance:    Donna Wenberg, Irma Johnson, Steve Sulzby, Sue Fardette, Linda Carder, Sharon Beran, Kevin Lane, John Killian, Frank Bartlett, and Mark Tang.

Excused members include Diane Sachs, Louise Sperr, and Fern Dunbar

Barbara Balowitz and Bernard Mann were absent

Meeting started at 6:04 pm  


Minutes from last board meeting was accepted without further discussions.  


Donna Wenberg presented the current status of the treasury report.  Current balance as of June 30, 2008 is $6333.  See attached Treasury Report.

Donna Wenberg requested both the B of A and F & M Bank accounts be closed and consolidated at the CoAmerica Bank.  Motions were made, seconded, and passed.  John Killian has been requested to assist in closing the F & M account.


Sharon Beran reported on recent correspondence.  Get well cards were sent to Lois Perovich, Joyce Siegel, Shirlie Ross, Sue Ayers.  Additional cards will be sent to Larry Slutsky, Walter Rothstein, and John Chang.


Frank Bartlett noted that $25.80 was collected for the Women Shelter last month.


Steve Sulzby suggested the article about last month's presentation to the Women Shelter be sent to ACBL.  The monthly bulletin has a "club news" section and ACBL may publish the article. 



Irma Johnson has completed sanctions for the entire year.  Next unit game will be held on August 10, 2008.  The game is "Christmas in August" for the benefit of the Women Shelter of Long Beach.




Refreshments for the upcoming Unit Games:     John Killian and Kevin Lane will be responsible for the August unit game;

Diane Sachs and Earl VanDerVord will handle the November unit game



John Killian has completed flyers for the November Sectional.  Mark Tang will assist in distributing to various local clubs and upcoming tournaments.



Steve Sulzby reported about fifteen students have been attending his class.


Current total member count is 460.


John Killian, Frank Bartlett and Kevin Lane attended the recent District meeting at the Bridge Week Regional.  One of the issue discussed was the Monthly Bridge News publication.  Various ideas were discussed to reduce costs.  John Killian will issue a summary of the various ideas to reduce cost to all board members to review.  

Next board meeting will be held on August 4, 2008. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.