Board of Directorís Dinner Meeting


January 4, 2009


CALL TO ORDER:President Steve Sulzby called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.Members present were:Steve Sulzby, Sue Fardette, Diane Sachs, Kevin Lane, Linda Carder, Louise Sperr, Mark Tang, John Killian, Fern Dunbar, Elaine Dovgard, Betty Jackson, Loren Hilf, Baum Harris, Sharon Beran, Keith Hafen, and Mary Thomas.Guests were: John Killianís daughter, Sherri Troeger, Verne Baccus, and Susan Hafen.Absent were Donna Wenburg and Irma Johnson.


ELECTIONS:Diane Sachs: PresidentSue Fardette: Vice-presidentSecretary:Louise SperrTreasurer:Donna Wenburg†† All the new officers were elected unanimously.


UNIT GAMES:A motion was made by Mary Thomas and seconded by Kevin Lane that we offer a free game only to 99erís and charge five dollars to non-life masters.This would be tried for three months, then reconsidered.The motion passed unanimously.


SUGGESTIONS: Diane asked that everyone with a job last year, keep that job for 2009.These members accepted.Diane asked that people who worked food at the unit game receive a complimentary free play.The members agreed.Steve Sulzby requested that he assist Fern Dunbar as awards chair.Fern agreed.It was decided that name tags would be ordered for new board members.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:34pm.