LONG BEACH UNI T 557 Dec.5, 2010


CALL TO ORDER:  Diane Sachs called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.  Members present were Louise Sperr, Diane Sachs, Sherry Troeger, Fern Dunbar, Larry Slutsky. Cooie Dampman, Betty Jackson, Sharon Beran, Sue Fardette, Mary Thomas, Steve Sulzby, and John Killian. Kevin Lane was absent.


 Loren Hilf and Brandon Sheumaker were present as guests.  Loren had some questions about the unit games which were answered by Betty.  He announced that the club got an extension of the lease to June, 2016.  Mary suggested to Loren that he do something to encourage newer players.  Sue suggested that the mentoring program was very successful, but the Thursday night 99er game has deteriorated to nothing.  More discussion ensued.


MINUTES:  Minutes were accepted.


CORRESPONDENCE/CHARITY:  Mary sent out five cards.  $11 was collected for the Womenshelter.   Larry suggested that we change our charity recipient.  Louise pointed out that the Womenshelter needed the money now more than ever.  This will be discussed next year with the new board.


TREASURER¡¯S REPORT:  Betty reported $163.00 profit from the unit game.  The sectional earned $3672.97 shared with the bridge club, our share, $1838.  Our checkbook balance is $12,041.76.


SANCTIONS:  Diane has obtained sanctions for Jan.9th and Feb. 13th.  John will get sanctions for the rest of the year.     



Total members: 458.  Membership numbers have not changed appreciably in the past year or two.                                                          


REFRESHMENTS:  There was a great deal of discussion about providing lunch for the unit games.  Fern made a motion, seconded by Mary that we reopen the subject of hiring a new caterer.  Motion carried.  After much discussion Betty made a motion, seconded by Steve that we try the new caterer in January.  Motion carried.


SECTIONAL:  Steve reported that we had 53 tables on Thursday morning, 58 tables Thursday afternoon, 58 tables Friday morning, and 67 tables Friday afternoon.  Then Saturday we had 48 tables in the morning and 49 in the afternoon.  Sunday we had 66 tables in the morning and 64 in the afternoon.  Steve had a few complaints:  One of the directors was rude to the players, and at one time there was no director at all in the knockout game downstairs. 


IN COORDINATOR:  Hank was teaching the Tuesday classes while Diane was out of town.


AWARDS:  Sue will supply the name of the place where we buy the awards.


PUBLICITY:  No report.


OLD BUSINESS:  Special invitations to the board dinner will be given to Paul Pettler, Hank Dunbar, Keith Hafen, John Yinger, and Loren Hilf.  Steve made a motion, seconded by Sherry that we extend an invitation to Brandon to the dinner.  Motion not carried.   


NEW BUSINESS:  John Killian reported that he received a notification that small tax-exempt organizations having gross receipts less that $25,000 must meet new reporting requirements beginning January 1, 2011.  They must electronically file FTB 293N, Annual electronic Filing Requirements (California e-Postcard), available January 2011.                               

John will take care of this.


ALACBU: Betty reported that regionals have been planned for October of 2011, October of 2012, and March of 2013, at Marina Delray.


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 PM.  The next meeting will be on Jan. 3, at the Preveza Restaurant, at 10931 Los Alamitos Blvd., Los Alamitos.  Diane thanked everyone for their hard work the past two years


Respectfully submitted: Louise Sperr