Board of Director’s Meeting, Aug. 10, 2009


CALL TO ORDER:  Sue Fardette called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.  Members present were:   Steve Sulzby, Donna Wenberg, Sue Fardette, Kevin Lane, Linda Carder, Mark Tang, Fern Dunbar, Betty Jackson, and Louise Sperr.  Diane Sachs, Sharon Baron, Mary Thomas, John Killian, and Marcus Evans were absent.


MINUTES:  The minutes were accepted as read.


CORRESPONDENCE/HOSPITALITY:  A get well card was sent to Joy Rosenthal.


TREASURE’S REPORT:  Donna reported that we have $5841.83.  Our net income was -$44.15, as compared to -$1328.81 in January.   A $190 deposit was made for the New Year’s Eve mini-regional game.  Our rent went up $800 a month.  Starting July 1, 2009 the cost of each game went up to $10 to cover the increased rental fees.  Donna looked at other spaces, but it is hard to find a place with adequate parking.  The new lease was signed for three years.



The report of membership from ACBL as of July 6th is as follows:


Total members:                                                      453

Members receiving bulletins:                                398

Rookie (1-5MP);                                                     46

Junior Master (5MP):                                              35

Club Master (20MP):                                              44

Sectional Master (50 MP):                                      58

Regional Master (100MP):                                     71

NABC Master (200):                                              37

Life Master:                                                            28

Bronze Life Master:                                               60

Silver Life Master:                                                 53

Gold Life Master:                                                  17

Diamond Life Master:                                             4

Emerald Life Master:                                              0

Platinum Life Master:                                             0

Grand Life Master:                                                 0

There were 2 new members this month, and 2 transfers out.  There also were 2 relevant changes of status:  Irene Hirschland made life master and Kevin Lane made Bronze


REFRESHMENTS: Betty will cover the Sept. 20th game.  She will find her own helper. Sue and Diane will be responsible for October.  Nov. 7th, 8th, and 9th will be the sectional.  Betty made a motion that we not have a unit game in the same month as a sectional.  Linda seconded the motion.  Discussion ensued.  The motion was not carried.  Donna suggested a potluck for the unit game.  Kevin suggested pizza and green salad for the game.  This suggestion was accepted by the board. 


SECTIONAL:  Mark reported that he needs to send a form for ACBL liability insurance.  There was nothing new about the food, but that will be discussed further in the Sept. meeting.    We may use Iron Grill in Los Alamitos.  However, box lunches still seem to be easier.  Vons will be checked out for their box lunches and the costs involved.  We have two caddies as of this date for the sectional.


REGIONAL:  Kevin reported that we have the Rossmoor facility for Thursday through Saturday.  We will have the Sunday games at the club.  Insurance is covered.  We will have compact knockouts for 2 days.  Saturday we will have a Swiss game.  The plans are under control.


IN COORDINATOR:  Steve continues to enjoy all the questions he gets and he structures his lessons around those questions.  It was suggested that someone be asked to stand by the back door and urge anyone who enters during the lesson to be quiet or to stay outside if they wish to talk.


AWARDS:  Fern reported that a few people made life master, silver master etc.

Congratulations to Kevin for making Bronze Life Master!




NEW BUSINESS:  It was suggested that we have an open game on Monday nights.  Donna said that we had tried that and only 3 tables came.  It was recommended that the team games continue because they occur only once a month and some bridge players really like the team play.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.

The next board meeting will be on Sept 14th.

Respectfully submitted by Louise Sperr