Board of Director’s Meeting


April 13, 2009


CALL TO ORDER:  President Diane Sachs called the meeting to order at 6:03pm.  Members present were:  Diane Sachs, Steve Salzby, Donna Wenberg, Sue Fardette, Irma Johnson, Kevin Lane, Linda Carder, Mark Tang, John Killian, Fern Dunbar, Mary Thomas, Elaine Dovgard, and Louise Sperr.  Betty Jackson, Sharon Beran and Marcus Evans were absent.


MINUTES:  The minutes were read by Sue Fardette.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Kevin, seconded by Irma.  The minutes were accepted.


TREASURE’S REPORT:  Donna reported that we have $6407.00 in the bank.  We earned $126.40 on the unit game.


CORRESPONDANCE/HOSPITALITY:  $38.00 was donated for the Womens Shelter.  Mary reported that she gave Sharon a list of cards to be sent.


SANCTIONS/MEMBERSHIP:  Irma reported that the May unit game will be changed from the 17th to the 24th.  The June 14th unit game has been sanctioned and will be a charity game.

The report of membership from ACBL as of April 6th is as follows:


Total members:                                                      467

Members receiving bulletins:                                405

Rookie (1-5MP);                                                     41

Junior Master (5MP):                                              38

Club Master (20MP):                                              49

Sectional Master (50 MP):                                      57

Regional Master (100MP):                                     72

NABC Master (200):                                              43

Life Master:                                                            31

Bronze Life Master:                                               65

Silver Life Master:                                                 50

Gold Life Master:                                                  17

Diamond Life Master:                                             4

Emerald Life Master:                                              0

Platinum Life Master:                                             0

Grand Life Master:                                                 0


EIGHT IS ENOUGH:  The Eight is Enough game will be played with Swiss teams on June 14th.  Much discussion ensued about stratification of the game.  Finally Kevin made the motion and Mark seconded it that Diane and Donna would meet to determine the proper stratification for the game.  The motion was carried.


REFRESHMENTS:  Linda reported that Donna will be responsible for the food in April.  Linda and Louise will cover the May game.


IN COORDINATOR:  Steve and Mark will share the Tuesday class.


AWARDS:  Fern reported that the awards have been bought and ready to go.  Paul Pettler will receive a 10 game card.  Guests of honorees will not be charged.


ACACBU:  Kevin reported that plans for the regional in Pasadena, July 3-12, are coming along fine. 


SECTIONAL:  Mark reported that the auditorium at Rush Park will hold 100 tables.  He gave some of the charges for the room and costs of renting tables and the kitchen rental.  A discussion ensued as to how many days and which days to hold the regional considering all the costs.  Finally a motion was made by John and seconded by Louise to cut Friday and have the sectional on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  The motion was passed.  Diane and Donna are going to meet together to determine whether using the Rush Park Auditorium would be cost affective.  A firm decision will be made at the next meeting using their findings.




The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Louise Sperr