Board of Director’s Meeting


April 14, 2008



CALL TO ORDER:  President Steve Sulzby called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm. Members present were: Steve Sulzby, John Killian,  Sue Fardette, Irma Johnson,  Diane Sachs, Linda Carder, Fern Dunbar, Mark Tang, Donna Wenberg, Frank Bartlett and Sharon Beran.

Louise Sperr, Barnard Mann, Kevin Lane and Barbara Balowitz  were absent.  Guest present was Baum Harris..


MINUTES:  John made a motion to accept last months minutes with the date corrected.  It was seconded by Sue and passed.


CLUB BUSINESS:  Baum complimented the board on yesterday’s unit game.  The advertisement for free bridge lessons has been done.  It starts May 8th and so far twenty-seven people have signed up.  The target was thirty.  Notices were passed out to put up in various locations to advertise the lessons.  It was suggested to contact George Walsh’s wife to put one up in her college. If this is successful the lessons might be done as many as three times a year.  The cost of the ads will probably be around $ 2000.  ACBL will pay $ 700.  The unit will contribute half of the remainder with a cap of $ 1000.00.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The balance is $ 7,844.51.  There was a net loss of

$ 1220 year to date. 


CORRESPONDENCE:  No cards were sent out.  One will be sent to Steve Skinner.

. .

HOSPITALITY:  $ 26.00 was collected..


SANCTIONS:  The sanctions for the rest of the year have been done.   They are:


Unit game-May 18

Unit game-June 22

Unit game-July 13

Unit game-August 10

Unit game-September 14

Unit game-October 5

Unit game-November 16

Unit game-December 7






MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  459 members,

New Junior Masters:  John Buhl, Anne Munchow.

New Club Masters:  Peggy Graue, Fay Hsu, Julie Osborne.

New Sectional Masters:  Mrs Marty Bolling, Cole Sachs.

New Life Master:  Tybie Becker.

New Bronze Life Master:  Curtis Johnson


REFRESHMENTS:  Keith and Susan Hafen did a wonderful job with the food for  April’s game.  Everyone pitched in to help serve and clean up.  Linda and Sherry will do the food in May. Steve and Sue will do the food in June and Mark and Sharon in July.


SECTIONAL:  John reported that the dates are done.  A drop out flyer in addition to the ad may be used to advertise the sectional.   The fee will remain at $ 9.00.  It will again be from Friday to Monday.  A sanction will be needed for 2009.  Betty Bracker will be consulted about this.


IN COORDINATOR: Steve Sulzby reported that attendance was light this past month.


ROSTER:  The rooster has been printed and distributed.



A discussion about the free plays at the unit game took place.  Because there were only seven free tables this month it was decided to return the 13 free tables to NLM instead of a 299 game.  A sign up sheet will be available for this game at our club.  Reservations can also be made for the open game. 


The name tags for the board members were passed out.


NEW BUSINESS:  Donna made a motion to donate $ 250.00 to the Womenshelter in honor of Phyllis Parker and Eddie Kantor.  It was seconded by Fern and approved. .


The idea  presented by Donna last month to give graduates of the intermediate bridge classes a one year membership to ACBL was tabled or more discussion next month.



NEXT MEETING:  May 12, 2008.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:57 P.M.







Respectfully submitted,

Diane Sachs