Long Beach Unit


by Christine Frumen

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

NEW CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


UNIT GAME – Team AND Pairs Games Sunday, September 16           

Lunch at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm



UNIT GAME: Our unit game is on September 16 – same time as usual. It will be both a team game and a pairs game. Just like a tournament, a choice of which format to play. Team games are always popular. We do have a some players that prefer the pairs game format so your Unit Board with their Solomon’s Wisdom, plan to have both formats that day as demand allows. If you have any question about it, ask at the club or a board member.

JULY UNIT GAME RESULTS: Twenty-three tables came out to “beat the heat” in July’s Unit game. Overall winners were: 1st, Bea & John Bralliar; 2nd, Carol Murakoshi & Sean Lui; 3rd, Bruce Horiguchi & Alfred Lee; 4th, Charlotte Strum & Steve Strum and 5th, Frank Bartlett & Jo Daigle. The top Flt C pairs were: 1st, Carol Murakoshi & Sean Lui; 2nd, Iyoko Kawamura & Audrey Ellis, 3rd, Cory Hand & Ron Amy. Thanks to Steve Sulzby and Mark Tang who were the luncheon coordinators.

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: Hanna Gough, Ardis Kennedy and Ben Rockwell are our newest unit members. Welcome!

The latest ACBL report shows Yolanda Median as a new Junior Master. John Culp and Sally Fenton have reached Sectional Master status. Eknath Deo and Norma Krueger are our newest Regional Masters. In the – “How often does this happen category” – Cory Hand reached Life Master and Bronze Master at the same time! And our own Irma Johnson (with more time to play since she sold the club) is now a Gold Life Master. That’s another remarkable plateau. Altogether it was a pretty impressive report! Congratulations all!

               70+% GAMES through 8/15: We had only six 70+% games this reporting period and half of them were scored by the same partners! Vince Remedios & Sue Fardette, 70.0%; Sue Sood & Kay Tseng, 70.58; Bob Mault & Phyllis Parker 71.13%. Liz Thometz & Evelyn Deenean had a 71.67% and TWO 75.0% games! Go Girls – what a great partnership you have!!! 

      THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: Labor Day, Sept 3, the club will have their regular game at their regular time. The difference is it will be a Picnic! The club will supply the hotdogs and fixins and players who bring a side dish will get a free play! So make your favorite picnic side dish and bring it to share with your fellow players and play for FREE!

            There will be a Membership Game on Sunday, Sept. 2 (extra points). On Wednesday, Sept. 5, at the 7pm game is the last chance to qualify for the North American 49er Pairs. The monthly Stratified Open Team Game will be at 7:00 pm on Monday, Sept. 10. The Unit Game (Teams and Pairs as mentioned above) on Sept. 16. ACBL Instant Matchpoint Game is on Wed. at 7pm on Sept. 19. September 24 through September 30 is a week of extra points in the District 23 STaC. Don’t forget you can check the schedule on the club’s webpage (www.longbeachbridge.com).

            GET WELL: Club owner, Loren Hilf has some serious back pain problems and has not been at the club. Also we were sorry to hear that Gary Paugh has given the new bidding box holders the finger – no, a finger – literally! He cut his finger off making them but we understand that it’s been reattached successfully and he is expected to recover. His recovery is far more important than those bidding card holders. (Did you know Gary made all of the sturdy tables at the bridge club? He’s a mechanical genius!) Sherry Royce is recovering from a fall. Curtis Johnson is recovering from surgery and Dottie Anderson has also been under the weather. Get well wishes also go out to each of them. We are looking forward to seeing all of you back at the club soon.

            THE ROSTER: Jan Wagner will have a copy of the ACBL Unit member list at the club so you can “fill in the blanks” and make any important changes to your information prior to printing. Look for it and insure your information is correct. It will then be printed. Hopefully, we won’t have too many changes.       

THIS AND THAT: Our club manager, Donna Wenberg was thrilled with her new refrigerator at the club a few weeks ago. Then she got a second refrigerator – more happiness! And by the time your read this, she will have a new stove! We won’t be able to contain her joy. She’ll continue to put out those super delicious dinners on the Tuesday and Friday evening games.


            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.