Long Beach Unit


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


†††††††††††† SEPTEMBER 14 UNIT GAME (28 tables):Overall results in the open game: 1st in A, Suzie and John Hand; 2nd, Kaye Amdon/Eileen Niesen; 3rd, Mary Schefter/Betty McClellan; 4th, Earl VanDerVord/Jon Yinger; 5th, Linda Carder/Roy Wilson; 6th, Dick and Linda Stein; tied for 7th, Phyllis Parker/Bob Mault and Jo Daigle/Frank Bartlett; 9th, Walter Rothstein/Lois Abramson; tied for 10th, Dann Habberfield/Barbara Shortwell and Stephen Lowe/Sandra Pickering. Overall winners in the B flight were: 3rd: JoAnne and Calvin Waller, 4th Dottie Thompson/Elinor Baratelle, 5th Al and Sharon Appel, and 6th, Cathy Bauer/Lucille Hovland. And in the Cs, overall, Curtis and Lynn Johnson were 3rd, Sherry Troeger/Mike Ullman were 4th. In the non-Life Master game 1st NS were Cooie Dampman/Miriam Kelley, 2nd Nancy Karl/Sherry Royce, 3rd Fred and Karyl Gurzi. 1st EW were Mary Thomas/Cole Sachs, 2nd Diane and Roy Tamooka, 3rd Larry and Bernie Gresko. Congratulations to all!†††††††††††

††††† SEPT 8 UNIT TEAM GAME winners were the team of Keith Hafen, Sue Hafen, Peggy Waite and John Killian with three wins and no losses.
††††† 70+% GAMES through 9/15: Five pairs had 70+% in open games during this reporting period: Pat and Bob Turansick had a 74.35% game on Aug 18, Jo-Anne and Calvin Waller 73.55% on Aug 20, Bruce Horiguchi/Stanley Snyder 70.60% on Aug 26, Doris James/Jo Daigle 70.81% on Aug 28, and Mark Itabashi/John Farr had a 77.55% game on Sept 12. In Easy Bridge games (16 boards or fewer) Jan and Bruce Peterson had a 73.25% game on Aug 18, Alan and Sally Gordy had a 70.83% game on Aug 30, and again on Sept 13 Alan and Sally had a 72.92% game.(Maybe itís time they considering playing in the open game). 

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:Big points for 1st overall in big games: Aug 17 Gabrielle Sill/Mike Galante won 5.24mp; Aug 20 JoAnne and Calvin Waller won 4.17mp; Aug 22 Rich Wasser/Jon Yinger won 6.83mp; Aug 23 Cayce Blanchard/John Melis won 4.33mp; Aug 26 Bruce Horiguchi/Stanley Snyder won 4.23mp; Aug 29 LoisAbramson/Irwin Bender won 4.44mp. And on Aug 22 John Chang/Frank Bartlett won 5.12mp for 2nd over-all.

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS: We issue a warm welcome to two transfers into our unit: Douglas Blagdon and Jamie Davis. Status change: congratulations to Lavonne McQuilkin who became a bronze life master.

†††††††††††† UP-COMING SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE CLUB: October 5 Unit Game. First 13 tables in the non-life master game play for free.Stratified open team game October 6, 7pm. October 6-12, Jane Johnson Club Appreciation games. Extra points, regular prices. October 27-November 2 Club Appreciation games. Extra points, regular prices. November 7-10 Unit 557 Sectional at Long Beach Bridge Center. Schedules and other info at: www.sectional.acblunit557.org.

†††††††††††† CONDOLENCES to the family of Ron Amy who passed away unexpectedly last month

†††††††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Ray Cummings and Jim Howard.And welcome back Walter Rothstein, Lois Perovich and Nick Thomas.

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