by Irma Johnson


Unit Game  Sunday, November 5

Lunch at 1 pm  Game at 1:30 pm


NOVEMBER UNIT GAME:  The Unit game is unusually early this month, on Sunday afternoon the fifth, so put it on your calendar quickly, so that you wonÕt miss it. Plan to get there early too, so that youÕll have plenty of time to enjoy the delicious luncheon.


SEPTEMBER UNIT GAME RESULTS: Fifteen teams played in the August Unit Stratified Open Swiss, and each and every one of them won MPs. First O/

A in Strat A were the team comprising Phyllis Parker, Bob Mault, Jo Daigle and Frank Bartlett. First O/A in B (and C as well) were Carol Murakoshi, Jan Wagner, Chuck Messall and Lavonne McQuilkin. Jan Wagner and Frank Seipp provided the refreshments,


NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: There were absolutely no changes of status and no new members reported by ACBL in September. Since that never has happened before during myÊnever ending tenure as Membership Chair, one can only hope that something went wrong in Memphis and there will be a double portion of them in October.


70% GAMES: What we lacked in  new members and progress up the ACBL ladder, we made up last month in BIG GAMES. Frank Bartlett and Betty McClellan did it a second month in a row, with a 71.25% this time, and Tom Harris didnÕt wait a month. He achieved the magic seventy two nights in a row, the first a 71.25% with longtime partner, Cindy Matsuk, and the second 70.56% with wife, Barbara Friscorn. Not only that, but the director (yours truly) noticed that he was over 70% going into the last round the next time he played, but he dropped below it in the final. You’re getting dangerous, Tom! The other three 70%s (yes, three, but only one each) were Bill and Rita Collins with 72.52%, John and Jo Melis with 74.07%, and Cole Sachs and Miranda Kwan with 71.25%.


THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: In addition to the Unit Game on the fifth, special events at the club in November will include a Stratified Open Team Game on Monday evening, 11/6 and four sectionally-rated ACBL Membership Games. The first two both are on Wednesday 11/8, one at 12:30 and the other at 7:00, the third is on Saturday afternoon 11/18 at 12:30 and the last one is on Tuesday afternoon 11/28 at 12:30.


LONG BEACH SECTIONAL: Whatever you do, donÕt forget that this is the month of the Long Beach Sectional. ItÕs at the club, and it begins at 7:30 on Friday evening 11/10 and runs through the Monday 11/13 3:30 game. Come and gather in the silver points.


GET WELL: Get Well is Got Well this month. Carol Hall and Suzie Hand are back among us and welcome they are. Nobody else is under the weather, or if they are, theyÕre not telling.


WELCOME BACK CHRISTINE:   Christine will be back in time to write the December column, thank goodness, so please send your news items to her at golfgal@charter.net or put them into the envelope on the bulletin board at the club. I hope that you all appreciate the great job she does for you each month. I just found out that it’s not easy!