Long Beach Unit


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


             OCTOBER 5 UNIT GAME (25 tables):  Overall results in the open game: 1st in A, Earl VanDerVord/Jon Yinger; 2nd Mary Schefter/Betty McClellan; 3rd Curtis and Lynn Johnson; 4th Marcus Evans/Diane Sachs; 5th Irma Johnson/Cory Hand; 6th, Verna Baccus/Bruce Horiguchi. Overall winners in the B flight were: 3rd: Peggy Waite/Dann Habberfield, 4th Dick and Linda Stein; 5th John Teschke/Margo Coffman. And in the Cs, 3rd overall: Sharon and Al Appel, 4th Hank and Fern Bunbar. Over-alls in the non-Life Master game: 1st in A, Carnell Wingfield/Carlos Jones; 2nd, Rachel and Bill Parker; tied for 3rd/4th, Bernie Gresko/Sandy Lex and Sally Fenton/Linda Mitchell. Fourth overall in B: Thuan Pham Gwynn/Nhuong Pham
      70+% GAMES through 11/15: Four pairs had 70+% games: Gary Paugh/Irwin Bender 72.69% in the open game Oct 1; Sandy Lex/Bernie Gresko 70.24% in the 299er game Oct 2; Arlene Spatz/Dale Blessing 71.50% in the 99er game Oct 23; and Alan and Sally Gordy twice in Easy Bridge, 75% on Oct 18 and 70% on Nov 1. Congratulations to you all! 

 BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:  Big points for 1st overall in big games: Oct 10 Phyllis Parker and Bob Mault won 7.50mp. On Oct 6 Loren Hilf and Baum Harris won 5.17mp, and then bested their own score on Oct 7, willing 5.67mp. Earl VanDerVord won 4.96mp with Jon Yinger for 1st over-all in the unit game on Oct 5. Then on Oct 9 he won 4.67mp for 1st over-all with Michael Daley. On Oct 28 Suybba Ravipude and Mark Itabashi won 4.88mp; on Oct 31 Mary Schefter and Kay Amdon won 4.88mp. And in the big Oct 10 game Doris James/Gary Paugh won 5.63pm for 2nd over-all and Lois Abramson/Irwin Bender won 4.22mp for 3rd over-all. In the Oct 10 nite game Irma Johnson and Richard Hull were 1st over-all winning 4.17mp.

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS: We issue a warm welcome to four transfers into our unit: Keiko Sugiura, Dee Clary, Porter Clary and Frances Freedman, and to new members Jeanne Bader, Shirlee Bouch, Sonia Dash, Ellen Goodwin, Kathleen Hoffman, and Sharon Sloan. Status changes: congratulations to Kevin Lane Beverly Souders for making life master and to Baum Harris for achieving gold life master. 

THE LONG BEACH UNIT 557 SECTIONAL was very successful. Attendance exceeded expectations of both Manager John Killian and Director in Charge, Peter Knee.  Those in attendance on Saturday will certainly vouch for the last sentence. With the help of Baum Harris, playing space was much better Sunday and Monday. Those who helped John put on the tournament were: Mark Tang for partnerships and also for rearranging furniture and cleaning along with Steve Sulzby, Paul Pettler, and Keith Hafen. Refreshments co-chairwomen were Linda Carder and Fern Dunbar aided by Diane Sacks, John, Paul and others. Also thanks to the many people who brought snacks/goodies to eat. Without the help of everyone, including the directors, John would not have received the compliments that he did.

             UP-COMING SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE CLUB: Dec 5-6 ACBL membership games, extra points, regular prices; Dec 7th Unit Holiday Party and Charity Game, first 13 tables in the non-life master game play for free; Dec 8-14 Western Conference STAC games, all games $10; Dec 1, Wednesday 7pm, Long Beach Bridge Center holiday party; Dec 19, Friday 12 noon, holiday pot-luck; December 24, no evening game; closed Christmas Day.

             CONDOLENCES to the families of Bill Green and Shirl Ross who passed away recently.

             GET WELL WISHES to Mary Schefter, Ray Cummings and Jim Howard. 

             HELP THE COLUMNIST: I apologize if I have missed an award or status change. Please let me know. If you have any news items you would like to see in the column, my email is jyinger1@gmail.com.