Long Beach Unit


by Christine Frumen

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

NEW CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


UNIT GAME –Sunday, November 18    

Lunch at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm




UNIT GAME: Sunday, November 18 is the Unit Game this month. The December Unit Game (Holiday Party and Annual Charity Game) is on December 9. Make your bridge dates ahead of time because we are coming into the holiday party season and you don’t want to miss playing with your favorite partner.

SEPTEMBER UNIT GAME RESULTS: This was our “mixed bag” games, both Team and Open game format. There were twelve tables in the Open and the overall winners were: 1st, Charlotte Strum & Steve Strum; 2nd, Suzie & John Hand; 3rd, Irma Johnson & Cory Hand. The top Flt C pairs were: 1st, Suzie & John Hand; 2nd, Judith Jones & Betti Harris.

Ten teams played in the team game. First place went to the Baum Harris, Bee Kinman, Gary Paugh & George Thompson team. Second Place was the Bea & John Brailler, Francoise Weston and Lucy Tredennick team. The team of Dolores Backlund, Bob Goodman, Mary St. Julian and Harry O’Neill took first place for the Flight B teams. John Killian was in charge of refreshments.

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We are happy to welcome Naomi Mueller and Audrey Ellis to our Unit. Only two people changed status this reporting period.  Reva Alban and Mike Ullman reached the Regional Master status.  Congratulations!!

               70+% GAMES through 10/15: There were only two big games this month. Bruce Horiguchi and Stanley Snyder scored a 75.40%. And while not as high a score (but certainly more valuable); John Killian & John Wong Scored a 72.40%er. The reason it was more valuable was that they scored it on Saturday, October 13 and it was in the Jackpot Game. They split $250 – the full Jackpot prize. It’s been a while so now you’ll have to wait to make the “big bucks” until the jackpot builds again. There were several 69+% games – oh, so close but no cigar – but for a finesse or another trick. Congratulations to you "big game scorers" and to both John Killian and John Wong for their really big win.

      THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: On Monday, November 5, all games are Membership Games (translate to extra points). Then on November 14 the club is having another Membership Game at 7 p.m. The Unit Game is scheduled for Sunday, November 18 and the monthly Team Game will be on Monday, November 19 at 7pm. Remember that the schedule and results can be found on the club website, www.longbeachbridge.com if you aren’t sure when the special games are scheduled. Or pick up a schedule at the club OR check this paper for the ad for the Long Beach Bridge Club. Starting in January, the Sunday game will start at a new time, 1 p.m. We will keep reminding you until then.

            LONG BEACH SECTIONAL: You can find a complete schedule in this paper or pick up a copy at the Bridge Club or online at www.sectional.acblunit557.org. It starts Friday evening, November 9 at 7:30 and ends Monday, November 12 with the last game starting at 3:30. There is something for everyone – pairs, team games and knockouts. It is being held at the Long Beach Bridge Center so their regular schedule is suspended for those days.

Unit members are asked to bring some homemade cookies, cakes or snacks. There is a sign-up sheet at the club. Our Sectional is a very popular sectional in the area so plan on coming out to try your luck, win some master points and support your unit.

GET WELL: Shirley Thomas is recovering from back surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery. Frank Bartlett fell, broke his hip and had surgery for a hip replacement. We also wish him a speedy recovery. Heal, both of you!

THE ROSTER: We are told the final list will be compiled and the rosters will be printed. Sounds like a Christmas present may be coming after all these months.

THIS AND THAT: Somehow, every year, the Long Beach Marathon gets scheduled the same day as the Unit Game. It’s amazing to this reporter that as many tables show up when it’s such an effort to move around the city on that day. Bravo to all you diehard bridge players for supporting the unit game.

            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.