Long Beach Unit

May 15, 2011


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


††††††††††† MAY 11 unit-rated game ACBL Wide International Fund Game: ††Overall results:1st in A:Aaron Jones/George Welsh, 2nd Ralph Beazley/Bob Goodman,3rd Anne Gillespie/Eddie Rose,4th Betty Williams/Heidi Current, 5th Greg Tapia/Lucy Gellner, 6th Bob Mault/Verna Baccus.†† In the B flight overall Brandon Sheumaker/ Earl Vandervord were 4th,April Berg/Dixie Albright 5th, and Verna Burns/Ruth Kaller 6th.In the B flight overall Sheri Held/Janet Logan were 2nd, Sharon and Al Appel 3rd,Vivian Kiley/Doreen Maes 4th.Congratulations to all!
††††† ††††††70+% GAMES April 16 through May 15: In open games:April 20 Jo Melis/George Welsh had 72.50%;April 21 Irwin Bender/Ralph Beazley 70.33%,April 29 Jo and John Melis70.14%,May 3 Mark Itabashi/Steve Love 71.53%,May 11 John and Jo Melis 74.74% NS and John and Bea Bralliar 74.00% EW;May 13 Mariko Kakimoto/Eric Tan 72.92%.In 99er and NLM games:April 25 Bonny Walsh/ Julie Osborne had 74.38%,May 7 Sally and Alan Gordy 70.24%, and on May 14 Sally and Alan Gordy had 71.43%.Congratulations to you all! 

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:Big master point awards in club games April 16 through May 15:†† May 11 Aaron Jones/George Welsh won 4.50mp for 1st over-all and Bob Goodman/Ralph Beazley won 3.38mp for 2nd.And in the May 15 game, John Crabtree/Sankar Reddy won 3.17mp.††Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBER:†† Howard Von Leffren.†† Welcome to the club!

STATUS CHANGES: NewJunior Masters:Noel Bachetti, Susan Bibby;Club Master:John Galligher;Regional Masters:Sally Fenton, Sunny Harper;NABC Masters:Phyllis Greentsein, Anita Padgett;new Life Master:Jean Ingram.And new Gold Life Master:Betty Jackson.Congratulations to you all!

†††††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:Friday evening, June 2:Worldwide Bridge Contest.Fee: $11óhand records, extra points.Saturday June 3:Worldwide Bridge Contest, day two.June 19:Fatherís Day Unit Game--lunch 12:30, game at 1pm.††

††††††††CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Barbara Shrontz.

†††††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Judy Lorber and Kurt Johnson.

†††† ††††NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD from Gene Yaffe:Big games in Leisure World! Bill Linskey & Gloria Sedore scored a 77.5% game on April 25. Bill Linskey & Eileen Nelson scored 72.6% game on April 21. A 75% game was scored by Bee Kinman & Judy Carter-Johnson on May 6. 

††††††††††† Winners in the Club Championship Game on April 29 were: A Strat--1st, Bee Kinman & Howard Smith; 2nd, Jaye Woodington & Verna Becker; 3rd, Ron Yaffee & Richard Norris (1st in B Strat); 4th, Bob Lofstrom & Chuck Cutchshaw.

†††††††††† Congratulations to Betty Jackson on becoming a Gold Life Master. She was awarded her "License Plate Holder" at the game on April 25.

†††††††††† Get well wishes are sent to Darlene Sluter and Lottie Kostar!

†††††††††† Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org then click on "Leisure World Results" on left hand side.

††††††††MISSION STATEMENT from the April 13th Board Meeting:Unit 557 of the ACBL encompasses Long Beach, California and surrounding area.Our mission is to support bridge clubs within our area as well as to promote sectional and unit games.The unit assists local clubs in their endeavor to improve game attendance.The unit believes that the active recruitment of new players is essential to the success of our unit and the ACBL and supports programs to accomplish those ends.To promote an interest in bridge, free teaching lessons to beginning and intermediate players, and mentoring program for new players, are offered.As a member of the Long Beach community, the support of a local charity is considered a necessary and important function.

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