Long Beach Unit 

May 15, 2010


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


             APRIL 16 UNIT-RATED GAME:   Overall results: 1st in A:  Mark Teaford/Gary Paugh,  2nd Sharon and Al Appel,  3rd Michael Daley/Earl VanDerVord,  4th Aaron Jones/Phyllis Parker,  5th Rich Wasser/Jon Yinger,  6th T S Chernuchin/Tom Ludwig.  B flight overalls:  4th Mark Fraser/Randy Hamlin, 5th Andy Blaser/Marynell Solomon,  6th Suzie and John Hand.  C flight:  4th Bob and Pat Adam,  5th Ron Spain/Fred Benedetti.  Overall winners in the Non-Life Master game were:  1st Lynne Finley/Colleen Gardner,  2nd Donna Kupfer/Penny O’Toole,  3rd Donna Agnew/Julie Osborne,  4th Winnie Warga/Sue Ayers,  5/6 tie:  Pat Peters/Rachel Lantz tied with Flora McDonald/Steven Alt.  Congratulations to all! 
             APRIL 21 JOHN MUIR DAY UNIT-RATED GAME:   Overall results: 1st in A:  Baum Harris/Steve Skinner,  2nd  Emma Trepinski/Mark Teaford,  3rd Steve and Charlotte Sturm,  4th John and Suzie Hand,  5th Jerry Cassady/Bob Mault,  6th Aaron Jones/T S Chernuchin.  B flight overalls:  2nd Fred Dyle/Lee Johnson,  3rd Margo Coffman/Lillian Hilles,  4th Bob Santeen/Carol Murakoshi,  5th Sharon and Al Appel,  6th Masae Kato/Masako Omaru.  C flight:  4th Merlin Hansen/Arnie Erickson, 5th Dick and Linda Stein.  Congratulations to all! 
             May 13 INTERNATIONAL FUND GAME:  Overall winners:  1st in A:  Lillian Hilles/Karen Johnston,  2nd Steve Skinner/Aaron Jones,  3rd Rich Wasser/Walter Rothstein,  4th John Cairns/Ralph Beazley,  5th John and Suzie Hand,  6th Charlotte and Steve Sturm.  B flight overalls:  5th Audrey Ellis/Ernie Frank,  6th  Al and Sharon Appel.  And in C:  2nd Dick and Linda Stein,  3rd Sherry Troeger/Mike Ullman.  Congratulations to all!  
             70+% GAMES 4/16 through 5/15:  April 17 Sean Lui/Earl VanDerVord had a 71.53% game, April 20 Kaye Amdon/Randy Hamlin had a 69.64% game,  May 3 Doris James/Lois Abramson had a 70.83% game,  May 11 (evening) Gary Paugh/Jon Melis had a 70.34% game.  In NLM games April 19 Carmela Chiurazzi/Sharon Biederman had a 69.84% game,  April 30 Bob and Pat Turansick had a 70.43% game,  May 11 Joyce Henderson/Jane Reid had a 72.32% game, and on May 14 George Alemshah/Tom Cotten had a 70.54% game (only two tables, but 70.54%!).   Congratulations to all! 

  BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:  1st over-all big point awards April 16 through May 15:  April 16 Mark Teaford/Gary Paugh won 4.44mp, April 21 Baum Harris/Steve Skinner won 4.11mp, and May 13 Lillian Hilles/Karen Johnston won 5.33mp.  Big awards for 2nd and 3rd overall:  April 16 Al and Sharon Appel won 3.33mp for 2nd,  April 21 Emma Trepinski/Mark Teaford won 3.08mp for 2nd, and May 13 Steve Skinner/Aaron Jones won 4.00mp for 2nd and Rich Wasser/Walt Rothstein won 3.60mp for 3rd.  Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS:  We issue a warm welcome to new members Joseph Ramos, Margaret Takemoto.  Status changes:  Junior Master: Sharon Biederman;  Club Masters: Richard Dial, Kiyo Nagaishi;  NABC Masters:  John Biggs, Fred Gurzi;  Life Masters:  Robert Preece, Murat Veysoglu;  and new Silver Life Master:  Carol Murakoshi.  Congratulations to you all!! 

           UP-COMING SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE CLUB:  May 28 Unit-rated Game—lunch at 12:30, game at 1pm.  World Wide Bridge Contest Friday June 4 at 4:15 and Saturday 12:30pm.  Sunday June 13 Unit Charity Game—lunch at 12:30, game at 1pm.  

           CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Betty Barton who passed away last month and Tom Harris who passed away earlier this month.  They will be sorely missed.

           GET WELL WISHES to Joy Rosenthal.

          GET ON THE E-MAIL LIST FOR THE NEWSLETTER:   If you miss getting the newsletter by snail mail (it’s been two years since the district quit mailing them out), you can have me send you a copy by e-mail.  Send me your e-mail address and I’ll put you on the list.  My email is jyinger1@gmail.com.