Long Beach Unit


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

NEW CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


LBBC 26th ANNIVERSARY PARTY – Wednesday, April 30       

Dinner at 6:30,  Game at 7:00 pm



The Anniversary Party game is a sectionally rated championship game.

May 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 we will have Western Conference STaC games. Regular schedule, $9 card fees.

Monday, May 5 at 7:00 pm we will have a sectionally rated team game.

Thursday, May 8  The 12:30 game is an International Fund Game, $9 card fees.

Sunday, May 18 is the monthly unit game.  Lunch at 12:30 pm, game at 1:00 pm.  Remember the new time!


APRIL UNIT GAME RESULTS: Twenty-five tables in two sections in the open game. Overall results were: 1st, Phyllis Parker and Eddie Kantar; 2nd, Jon Yinger and Bee Kinman; 3rd, Cory Hand and Irma Johnson;  4th, John and Suzie Hand; 5th, Pat Durand and Eileen Nelson; 6th, Barbara Balowitz and Marcus Evans.  Other winners in the overalls were: Wang and Shiu-Ming Huang, 4th in B, Larry and Sibyl Slutsky, 5th in B, and in the C category, 1st: George Lawrence and Hashim Mahmood, 2nd: Kay Tseng and George Norman, 3rd: Keith and Susan Hafen, 4th: Skip Genebach and Ed Neuroth, 5th: Chuck Messall and Gregory Leach and 6th: Murat Veysoglu and Lisa Kuo. In the seven-table non-life master game over-all winners were: 1st, Barbara Shortwell and Bernard Mann; 2nd, Bob Ballack and Dorothy Andersen; 3rd, Miranda and Anthony Reddy; 4th, Howard Smith and Lottie Kostar; 5th, Renee Hoffman and Donna Sappia. Other winners: Harry Wang and John Kiang, 3rd in A, NS, and Shirlee Earley and John Kiang, 2nd in B NS and Claudette Barrack and Monica Gettis, 4th in B EW. The dinner, prepared by Sue Hafen, Peggy Waite and Pat Adam, assisted by Keith Hafen, was delicious. Congratulations winners!

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We issue a warm welcome to our one new member during this reporting period, Lynne Finley.   

The most recent status changes for our unit are: Life Master Tybie Becker and Bronze Life Master Curtis Johnson. Status changes announced at the April 13th awards banquet included: New Life Masters: Sue Sood, Jan Wagner, Barbara Frischkorn, Sue Fardette, Fern Dunbar, Chuck Messell and Peter Eddy. Bronze Life Masters: Gayle Harris, Dale Manos, Dick Stein, Linda Stein, Sue Hafen, Keith Hafen, Cory Hand and George Norman. Silver Life Masters: Steve Sulzby, James Smith and Donna Wenberg. Gold Life Masters: Irwin Bender, Diane Lynch and Irma Johnson. Diamond Life Master: Phyllis Parker. As a special surprise for Phyllis, Donna Wenberg, Cayce Blanchard and Bob Mault arranged to have Eddie Kantar play with her at the unit game. And she was genuinely surprised. Now that’s better than a new license plate holder, huh? To each of you – Congratulations!

             70+% GAMES through 4/15: Four pairs hit that “magic” 70+% game this reporting period. Richard Dickens and Gary Dial had a 75% game on 3/17; Kay Hyland and Lynne Finley had a 71.67% game on 3/19 and Russell Maguire and Melanie Smith had a 73.33% game (E-W) in the same game.  Rosemary Ford and Karen Wolf had a 74.29% game on March 21, and on April 2 Jane Reid and Penny O’Toole had a 70.83% game. Congratulations to all of you!
             TRIVIA: On March 28 four pairs achieved the impossible:  They all made the same score (50%).  They were: Al Mastron/Morris Lorber, Ed Neuroth/Emma Trepinski, Skip Genebach/Fred Willbanks and Ralph Rivera/Frank Varga.  Each player in that game won .26 master points.
             GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS: At the San Fernando Valley Sectional April 5-6 a team consisting of Lenard Lakofla, Alan Flower, Kevin Lane (all Unit 557 members) and Kevin Lane won the qualifying event in Flight C and will represent District 23 at the Grand National Team Tournament in Las Vegas in July.  Congratulations guys!

             THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: Starting Monday, April 14 will be a week of Championship Games ending with the Sunday, April 20, 1 p.m. game. The games will be the regular schedule, regular prices. On Wednesday, April 30, the LB Bridge Club will celebrate its 26th Anniversary. Dinner will be at 6:30, game at 7 p.m. It will be a sectionally rated Championship game. All these games will be extra points.

              CONDOLENCES to the family of Terri Vedder who passed away last month after a long illness.  And wishes for a speedy recovery to Steve Skinner, Darlene Sluder Greg Leach and Jeanne Landy.  Greg and Jeanne were already back at the table last week, and we hope to see Steve and Darlene back soon.  

              ROSTER: After several false starts, the 2008 membership roster is available. Special thanks to Christine Frumen for her hard work in getting this job done!  

COLUMNIST RETIRES: After six years of serving this club so ably as monthly columnist, Christine Frumen is retiring. We owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for her hard work taking over and completing work on the roster, as columnist and generally supporting the club. Thanks Christine!  And thanks to Carol Murakoshi who has generously agreed to help me take over from Christine.  If you have any news items you would like to see in the column, my email is jyinger1@gmail.com or you can reach me at 714-256-0250.