Long Beach Unit


by Christine Frumen



UNIT GAME - Sunday, May 20 

Lunch at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm


MAY UNIT GAME: This month’s Unit Game will be on Sunday, May 20. The regular schedule of lunch at 1pm, game at 1:30 will resume after a successful Awards Day last month. Unit Games pay extra points!

MARCH UNIT GAME RESULTS: Twenty-one tables in two sections played in the March Unit game.  Winners were: tied for 1st and 2nd were Bea & John Bralliar and Jo Daigle & Frank Bartlett; 3rd, Susie & John Hand; 4th, Shinko Mauritz & Carol Hall; 5th, Bob Mault & Phyllis Parker; 6th, Marcie Evans & Jan Wagner. The top three Flt C pairs were: 1st, Shinko Mauritz & Carol Hall; 2nd, Bob & Pat Adam and 3rd, Roger Farmer & Thambu Nadarajah. Congratulation winners and thanks to all the players who come out to support the unit games. Jan Wagner and Sue Fardette were the luncheon coordinators

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: Jean Byer has joined our unit. Welcome! Our newest Club Master is Steve Ramos. Fred Gurzi and Tom Skidmore have reached Regional Master status. Annette Sincock has become the newest NABC Master. Jim Smith has reached the Silver Life Master mark. What a great game that acknowledges our achievements as we struggle to become better players. Congratulations to all!  

70+% GAMES: Not too many big games this past reporting period (through 4/13) but a couple of pairs kept us out of total “drought”. Jo Melis & Cayce Blanchard scored a 73.75% and Loren Hilf & Larry Slutsky had a 71.9% game. Good playing, folks!

THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: Can you believe the club is celebrating its 25th anniversary? Well, they are and the Bridge Center 25th Anniversary Party is happening on Wednesday evening May 2. Free dinner at 6:30, sectionally rated game at 7pm – Open and 299er sections. Happy Birthday, LBBC!  The Western Conference Silver Point Sectional Tournament at Clubs begins Monday, May 7 through Wednesday May 9 and resumes Friday May 11 through Sunday May 13. Card fees for those games will be $9 with no discounts. The mid-week hiatus in the STAC schedule on Thursday, May 11 at 12:30 will be the International Fund Game (also $9 card fees). The monthly Stratified Open Team Game is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Monday, May 7 and will be part of those sectionally rated games. And of course, we have our Unit Game on May 20.

Just a reminder about the ongoing classes at the club. Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm is a class on Conventions – cost $3. Supervised Play is on Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:30am – cost $4. Both bargains!

AND THE WINNERS ARE… (first, second & third place – in that order - of the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney races for 2006 that were honored at the April Unit game)


2006 ACE OF CLUBS Winners

Rookie:                         Julia Ann Cunningham, Michael Daley, Steve Aucello

Junior Master:                Jean Ingram, Bill Rawlings, Monica Gettis

Club Master:                  Tom Cotton, Vince Remedios, Shirley Tavlin

Sectional Master:           Sue Fardette, Mary Thomas, Doris Richardson

Regional Master:            Cory Hand, Chuck Messall, Hank Dunbar

                        NABC Master:               Kay Tseng, Keith Hafen, Lavonne McQuilken

                        Life Master:                   Ruth White, Carol Murakoshi, Sue Hafen

                        Bronze Life Master:        Earl VanDerVord, Cayce Blanchard, Susie Hand 

                        Silver Life Master:          Jon Yinger, Bill Wilson, Irwin Bender

                        Gold Life Master:           Frank Bartlett, Bob Mault, Phyllis Parker

                        Diamond Life Master:     Doris James, Dwayne James


2006 MINI-McKENNEY Winners

Rookie:                         Michael Daley, Julia Ann Cunningham, Richard Flaxman

Junior Master:                Jean Ingram, Bill Rawlings, Nancy Speizer

Club Master:                  Vince Remedios, Bev Lyse, Tom Cotton

Sectional Master:           Sue Fardette, Jose Rodriguez, Doris Richardson

                        Regional Master:            Cory Hand, Chuck Messall, Hank Dunbar

                        NABC Master:               Kay Tseng, Keith Hafen, George Norman

                        Life Master:                   Diane Sachs, Ruth White, Carol Murakoshi

                        Bronze Life Master:        Mark Tang, Steve Sulzby, Earl Van Der Vord       

                        Silver Life Master:          Jon Yinger, Peggy Waite, Bill Wilson

                        Gold Life Master:           Frank Bartlett, Phyllis Parker, Bob Mault

                        Diamond Life Master:     Leo Bell, Doris James, Dwayne James


            THIS AND THAT: Late news just received was that in the Los Angeles Regional, Sue Fardette, Vince Remedios, Pritzi Lambi and Anita Padgett placed first in Knock-outs.

A big thanks to Mark Tang, IN Coordinator. We understand that the Tuesday afternoon lectures are very well attended – standing room only – and the Non-LMs really enjoy these sessions. Good job, Mark (and Frank Bartlett who fills in when Mark can’t be there). Your volunteerism is much appreciated!

            We’ve gotten calls and notes about missing achievements of some of the players - prematurely. Our policy is to publish the names after we’ve received the report from Memphis on the first of each month (that keeps this reporter from going crazy). In this computer age, we forget that in the past, reports were slow to reach the clubs and units. How many remember mailing in their point slips? We think the Awards Day was usually held in April because that’s how long it took Memphis to get the report to the Unit. Now with the computer age, the up-to-the-minute points can be found at the ACBL website readily. Maybe next year we should hold it earlier? 

ROSTER SECOND NOTICE: If you DO NOT want to be listed, contact Jan Wagner at 562-421-8014 and let her know that you wish to be excluded. If you want to be listed, do nothing – only if you wish to be excluded should you call Jan. The roster will then be compiled from the ACBL records. If you’ve moved or changed any of your information since the last time you paid your ACBL dues, contact the ACBL to get your info corrected. If your information is incorrect, the blame will fall on you because you failed to inform the ACBL of your changed information. No Whining!! This is the second and last notice in the column. The roster will soon be “in the works”.

            GET WELL: Frank Seipp is once again hospitalized and is not doing very well. We send our Get Well wishes to him.              

            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.