Long Beach Unit



by Christine Frumen


UNIT GAME Sunday, May 21   

Lunch at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm


MAY UNIT GAME: How many ways to ask you to come out to the Unit Games? We’ve told you they pay extra points six ways to Sunday and mentioned the special food prepared by Unit Board members. So this month, we’ll just say it again. “If you’re gonna play, why not play when you can get extra points?” This month’s game is May 21 – same times as usual.

MARCH UNIT GAME RESULTS: Two sections of twelve tables played in the unit game in March (again the NLM mixed with the big guns – and prevailed!). The OA results: 1st, Cory Hand & Jose Rodriguez (Flt C Players), 2nd, Frieda Kenigson & John Killian, 3rd, Cayce Blanchard & Jo Melis, 4th, Bruce & Chiye Horiguchi, 5th, Kay Tseng & George Norman (also Flt C Players). The NLMs top three scoring pairs were: 1st, Cory Hand & Jose Rodriguez, 2nd, Sue McHale & Phil Rutkowski and 3rd, Kay Tseng & George Norman. Great playing Flt C players! Two of the NLM pairs took OA honors! See, we told you it’s not so bad.  

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: No new members to report this period. Eknath Deo became a Sectional Master. Jan Wagner moved up to Regional Master. Marty Gilbert, Carmen Gross and Cory Hand became new NABC Masters. Let’s hear a round of applause for our new Life Master, Ruth White. Congratulations!

70+% GAMES: David Goetz & Ted Sneed scored a 75% game. Wow! LaRue & Lowell Bowman had a 72.77% game. Nice going! Those 70+% games are tough to come by.

            THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: The club is celebrating a birthday this month. Can you believe it’s been open 24 years! For some of us, the answer is “Of course, where else would I go?” On May 3rd, come help celebrate the Long Beach Bridge Center’s Birthday Party with a Mexican Buffet at 6:30 PLUS a Sectionally Rated Game at 7pm. There will be an Open Game and a 199er game and lots of fun.

            The Western Conference Silver Point Sectional Tournament at Clubs starts on Monday May 8 and runs through Sunday May 13. The schedule remains the same but card fees will be $9 (no discounts). The monthly Stratified Open Team Game is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Monday, May 8 so it will be part of that tournament. Get your team together and come win some silver points...

            OUR UNIT WEBSITE & ROSTER: If you haven’t checked the website –  www.acblunit557.org – out yet, you’re missing the boat. It really is loaded with lots of info and you “score checkers” can print your own recaps and put them….where the hell do you put them? Again, many thanks to Keith Hafen for this website.

            The roster is out and we’ve heard there are people missing from the printed list. My understanding is your argument is with the ACBL not the board because that’s where the list came from to be put to print. Sorry if you were missed.

            THIS AND THAT: We have another Nonagenarian (a person over 90 years old) in the club that we missed in last month’s column. Maxine Montgomery celebrated her milestone in April. Neither she nor Mary Jane Jones (who also celebrated the 90th) seems that old – perhaps because we are aging as well. God Bless them both!

            NATIONALLY RATED: We are proud of the LB Unit players who ranked nationally in the Ace of Clubs race. And our own Jon Yinger topped the list in the NABC Master Division. Cory Hand ranked 6th in the Club Master division – and 21st in that division of the Mini-McKenney race. Earl Van Der Ford was 17th in the Bronze Life Master division.

            In the Mini-McKenney race, Steve Sulzby took 8th in the NABC Master Division and Mark Tang scored the 2nd place slot in the Life Master division. Well done to all of you!

            CONDOLENCES AND GET WELL: We were sorry to hear of the death of Mary Kay Williams. Condolences to her family. Update on those out ill. As of this writing, Dottie Thompson is still recovering from her surgery and Frieda Kenigson had surgery and is we hope is on the mend. Jan Mann is out of the hospital and recuperating at home. Curtis Johnson had a big time health scare while playing at the San Diego Sectional. As of this writing, he will be returning home. Get well wishes to each and hurry back to bridge. We miss you.                                

            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.