Long Beach Unit 

 March 15, 2014

by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com

         FEBRUARY 16 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  Steve Mager/Gerri Carlson, tied for 2/3 Bee Kinman/Verna Burns and Hanefi Erten/Oliver Yildiz,  4th Kaye Amdon/Eileen Niesen,  5th Steve Skinner/Baum Harris,  6th Phyllis Parker/Bob Mault.  In the B flight overall:  2nd Paul Pettler/Patricia Ann Jay,  3rd  Susan and Kieth Hafen,  4th Simon and Lina Cheng,  5th  Joyce Henderson/Jane Reid,  6th Richard and Robert Bakovic.  In the C flight overall Fay Beckerman/Sherry Troeger tied with Barbara Shortwell/Ralph Moscowitz for 3rd/4th.  Results in the NLM section:  1st overall Nancy Toussaint/PamCronn,  2nd overall Rosalie Storc/Rai Scime.  Congratulations to all!  

         70+% GAMES  February 16 through March 15:   In open games Feb 18 (evening) Earl VanDerVord/George Welsh had 71.06%.  Feb 22 Orhan Gurbuz/Hayim Ninyou had 70.83%.  March 4 (evening) Ron Lien/Subba Ravipudi had 70.37%.  In the NLM game Feb 24 Sally Gordy/Martin Lipman had 73%.  And in two evening 15-board NLM games there were big percentage winners:  Feb 17 Joyce Henderson/Lynn Danielson had 76.67%, and March 10 Joyce Henderson/Colleen Gardner had 71.67%.  Congratulations to all six pairs!

         BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS  February 16 through March 15  were all at the Unit Game February 16.  Steve Mager/Gerri Carlson won 4.82mp for 1st,  and Bee Kinman/Verna Burns tied with Hanefi Erten/Oliver Yildiz for 2nd, winning 3.17mp each.  Congratulations to all three pairs!

         NEW MEMBERS:  Stan Johnson, Louise Seifert.  Transfers into the club:  Kenneth Branch, Marilyn McClintock, Ron McClintock, Billie Quinette.  Welcome to the club!

         STATUS CHANGES:  New Sectional Master:  Mel Kantz.  New Regional Master:  Timothy Cole.  New Life Master:  Sy Alban.  Congratulations to you all!

         CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Sue Ayers and Todd Knapp, both of whom passed away last month.

         UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   April Fool’s Day (April 1) brings a unit-rated game at 12:30 PM in the afternoon and an Interclub Championship Game at 7:00pm.  Participants can win extra points by competing with players in other clubs all over ACBL Land.

         Charity Club Championship Week begins Sunday, April 6th and concludes on Saturday, April 12th.  Extra points are available to winners all week long at every session. Please be aware that owner Loren Hilf has been supporting our extra point habits during the previous 6 months (October 1 through March 31). Beginning with this event, an extra $1.00 will be charged for certain special ACBL sanctioned games and STaC’s. We thank Loren for his generosity following the card fee increase that took place October 1, 2013.

        The April Unit Game will be held on April 13The Unit will be presenting its 2013 Masterpoint Awards to Unit Members. Winners will be notified before the event so they can attend. Watch for more news concerning this event.

        NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD  by Judy Carter-Johnson---March 15, 2014

UNIT RATED GAME RESULTS:  Feb 20 overall winners:  Bee Kinman/Dorothy Favre 1 in A.  Eileen Nelson/Bill Linskey 2 in A.  Norma Krueger/Carmen Gross 3 in A, 1 in B.  Dotty and Lou Guthman 4 in A, 2 in B.  Chie Wickham/Sall Fenton 5 in A, 3 in B, 1 in C.  Jane and Tom Gibbons 6/7 in A, 4 in B.  Ron McClintock/Hashad Vora 6/7 in A.  Jeanette Estill/Joe FioRica 5 in B.  Donna and Jim Shaffer 2 in C.  Joan and Ted Wieber 3 in C.  Thuan Gwynn/George Koehm 4 in C, 2 in B. 

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS:  March 13 overall winners:  Dottie and Lou Guthman 1 in A, 2 in B.  Joyce Henderson/Rob Preece 2 in A, 2 in B.  Howard Smith/Bill Linskey 3 in A.  Linda and Dick Stein 4 in A.    Midge Dunagam/Julie Cunningham 5/6 in A, 3/4 in B, 1/2 in C.  Claudette Barrack/Monica Gettis 5/6 in A, 3/4 in B, 1/2 in C.  Joan and Ted Wieber 5 in B, 3in C.  Louise Sperr/Cole Sachs 6/7 in B.  Jean Byer/Sue McHale 6/7 in B.  Thuan Gwynn/Harshad Vora 4 in C.      

70%+ game:  Mach 6 Joyce Henderson/Howard Smith had a 70.98% game. 

NEW CLUB MASTER:  George Koehm.

UPCOMING CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP DATES:  Clubhouse #3—Monday April 14;  Clubhouse #1—Friday April 11 and Saturday April 19.

UPCOMING UNIT RATED GAME:  Clubhouse #3  Monday May 19.

Advanced reservations are requested as Leisure World is a gated community.  Please call:  Monday—Midge Dunagan (562) 594-9698  Thursday—Cookie Pham (562) 431-6453  Friday and Saturday—Jaye Woodington (562) 799-1089.  If you have any news for next month’s column please email me: jcj90740@gmail.com.  Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org

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