Long Beach Unit 

 March 15, 2011


by Jon Yinger

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           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


             MARCH 13 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  Betty McClellan/Jon Yinger,  2nd Xingping Kang/Sam Wang,  3rd John Farr/Jackie Hess,  4th Sharon and Al Appel, 5/6/7 Bee Kinman/Joan Tschirk tied with Mark Tang/Bernie Garbose and Diane Sachs/Lois Abramson.   B flight overalls:  2nd Sibyl and Larry Slutsky,  3rd Ted and Alice Nicholas,  4th Penny Wentworth/Eva Mroz,  5th Susan and Keith Hafen.  In the C flight:  3rd Todd Knapp/Fred Willbanks,  4th Paul Pettler/Shinko Mauritz.  In the NLM game 1st in A:  Regina Boll/Joe Lau,  2nd Melanie and Jerry Smith.  2nd over-all in the B flight were Claudette Barrack/Monica Gettis.   Congratulations to all!
            70% GAMES Feb 16 through March 15:   On in the open game Feb 17 Jo Daigle/Doris James had 73.84%;  Feb 25 Mark Itabashi/Subba Ravipudi had 70.37%.  In the Monday evening NLM game March 7 Joyce Henderson/Sandy Nelson had 73.33%, and in the 99er game Wednesday March 9 Melanie and Jerry Smith had 71.43%.    Congratulations to you all! 

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:  Big master point awards for 1st over-all in club games Feb 16 through March 15:   Feb 20 Bob Mault/Phyllis parker won 3.33mp;  Feb 21 Mark Tang/Eric Tan won 5.17mp;  Feb 22 Phil Schuster/Larry Slutsky won 4.33mp and the evening game Sheri Held/Larry Topper won 3.17mp;  Feb 23 Mark Tang/Bernie Garbose won 5.33mp;  Feb 24 Cecil Cook/Mark Teaford won 4.67mp;  Feb 25 Subba Ravipudi/Mark Itabashi won 6.00mp and in the evening game Cecil Cook/Stanley Snyder won 3.83mp; Feb 26 John Killian/John Wong won 5.17mp;  Feb 27 Bea and John Bralliar won 3.00mp, March 13 Betty McClellan/Jon Yinger won 3.83mp, and in the evening game March 15 Jo Melis/Janet Logan won 3.67mp.  Big master point awards for 2nd over-all:  Feb 21Toni Morford/Steve Rowe won 3.88mp;  Feb 23 Brandon Sheumaker/Gary King won 4.00mp;  Feb 24 Doris James/Jo Daigle won 3.50mp;  Feb 25 Rich Wasser/Jon Yinger won 4.50mp;  and Feb 26 John and Bea Bralliar won 3.88mp.  Big master point awards for 3rd over-all:  Feb 23 Mark Teaford/Kimi Matsumoto won 3.00mp; and Feb 25 Bruce and Chiye Horiguchi won 3.38mp.  Congratulations to all!

STATUS CHANGES:  New  Junior Master:  Toni Whitesell;  Sectional Masters:  Bernhard Hadeler, Marcia Myers.  Bronze Life Master:  Rosemary Ford.   Congratulations to you all!

           UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   Sunday April 3 Awards banquet and Unit Game—lunch 12 noon, awards 12:30, game at 1pm.   Weds April 6 unit-rated Inter-club championship game.  April 11 through 17 club championship games:  extra points, regular prices. 

           GET WELL WISHES to Maruxa Cargill and Judy Lorber.

           CONDOLENCES  to the family and friends of Merlin Hansen who passed away earlier this month.  A delightful man who brightened up the room with his radiant smile.  He will be missed.

         NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD:   There were 13 tables in play at the ACBL-wide Senior Pairs event held on February 28. Overall winners were Sharon Beran & Camden "Bud" Parish. First in B strat were George & Joy Rosenthal. 

            In the Club Championship game held on March 10, overall winners were Betty Jackson & Gloria Sedore with a 69.9% game. Second place were Bee Kinman and Eileen Nelson, third were Judy Carter-Johnson and Gene Yaffee. Making a good showing in B strat were 1st--Betty Scharf & Bill Robinson, 2nd--Jean Byer & Sebbie Thompson. 

            Circle Thursday, April 14, on your calendar!  There will be a "free luncheon" at noon followed by bridge at 1:00 p.m (note change of time for bridge). Reservations are a must! Sign-up no later than April 7. For more information call Ted Weiber, president, at 596-8661. 

           STATUS CHANGES:  Sharon Beran not only became a Life Master but became a Bronze Life Master at the same time. Congratulations!

           ACE OF CLUBS Standings--our own Howard Smith placed third in the 100 to 200 Masterpoint Race and Midge Dunagan placed fourth in the 200 to 300 Race. Good going to you both.

           SPECIAL EVENT:  Leisure World Duplicate Bridge Club is excited to host one of the ACBL-wide Senior Pair games on Monday, February 28, at 12:30 p.m. in Clubhouse #3. Players must be 55 years of age or older. The boards will be duplicated and hand analyses will be available. Call Ruth Kaller at 430-0316 for more information.

           GET WELL WISHES to Hessel Sikkema. 

           Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org then click on "Leisure World Results" on left hand side.

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