Long Beach Unit

March 15, 2010


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


††††††††††† MARCH 14 UNIT GAME:Overall results: 1st in A: Aaron Jones/Jerry Cassady, 2nd Eileen Niesen/Kaye Amdon, 3rd Hashim Mahmood/Thambu Nadarjah, 4th Baum Harris/Steve Skinner,5/6 Carol Murakoshi/Tom Ludwig tied with Bee Kinman/Janet Logan.B Flight in the overalls:4th Kim Wang/Chien-San Han,5th Kay Tseng/Cory Hand, and 6th Sherry Troeger/Judith Jones.C flight:3rdDick and Linda Stein, 4th Bettyanne Houts/Annete Sincock and 5th Lynn and Curtis Johnson.Overall winners in the Non-Life Master game were:1st in A:Karen and Mike McKittrick, 2nd Carmela Chiurazzi/Sharon Biederman,3rd Jane Reid/Joyce Henderson, and 4th Yolanda Medina/Peggy Spring.Congratulations to all! 
†††††††††††††70+% GAMES 2/16 through 3/15: Jackie Hess/John Jones had 74.32% in the open game on Thursday Feb 18.In NLM games Carmela Chiurazzi/Sharon Biederman won 75.54% on March 1 and Sally Gordy/Ruth Roe won 71.61% on March 15.Congratulations to all three pairsl!

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:1st over-all in special games Feb 16 through Mar 15:Feb 22 Walter Rothstein/Bill Wilson won 4.50mp;Feb 23 Collen Cody/Eileen Niesen won 6.00mp in the afternoon game, Carol Ramseyer/Marty Bolling won 3.20 in the 299er game, and Mike Daley/Earl VanDerVord won 3.50mp in the evening game.Feb 24 Cecil Cook/Irwin Bender won 4.67mp in the afternoon game and Keith Hafen/John Melis won 3.33mp in the evening game.Feb 25 Betty McClellan/Bev Shafer won 5.67mp.Feb 26 Wayne Otsuki/Jackie Hess won 6.00mp in the afternoon game and Jo and John Melis won 3.33mp in the evening game.Feb 27 John Melis/Keith Hafen won 4.50mp.Feb 28 Marcie Evans/Betty McClellan won 4.17mp.In the Unit Game March 14 Aaron Jones/Jerry Cassady won 4.82 for 1st overall.Big awards for 2nd overall:Feb 22 Bruce Horiguchi/Len Beck won 3.38mp;Feb 23 Bob Lavery/Betty McClellan won 4.50mp, Feb 24 Paul Pettler/Bob Santen won 3.50mp, Feb 25 Lina Cheng/John Wong won 4.25mp, Feb 26 Ann Croul/Arne Lier tied with Rich Wasser/Jon Yinger, each winning 3.94mp.Feb 27 Paul Pettler/Elinor Baratelle won 3.38mp.Feb 28 Bruce and Chiye Horiguchi won 3.13mp.In the March 14 Unit Game Eileen Niesen/Kaye Amdon won 3.62mp for 2nd overall.And in the afternoon game Feb 25 Sherri Held/Larry Topper won 3.19mp for 3rd over-all. Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS: We issue a warm welcome to new members Barbara††††† Zarzycki, Pamela Cronn and Kay Hyland.Welcome all!Status changes: Junior Master: Richard Barrack; Club Masters: George Alemshah, Bernard Hadeler and Donn Kupfer;NABC Masters: Fay Beckerman and Michael Daley;New Life Masters: Tish Kernochan, Betty Stewart and Mike Ullman; Silver Life Master: Shirley Andrews;Gold Life Master: Mark Tang.Congratulations to you all!!

†††††††††† UP-COMING SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE CLUB: Sunday April 11 Unit Gameólunch at 12:30, game at 1pmónon-life masters play for $5.Monday April 12 through Sunday April 18 a week of club championship games.And a special, unit-rated game on Wednesday April 21 in honor of John Muirís birthday.All special games: regular prices, extra points.†† ††

††††††††† CONDOLENCES to family and friends of Frank Bartlett who passed away last month.Frank was a founding member of the Long Beach Bridge Center and a major figure in local and regional bridge events for many years.He was also a mentor and teacher to many current members of the club.He will be missed.

††††††††† GET WELL WISHES toBetty Barton, Ed Neuroth and Joy Rosenthal.

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