Long Beach Unit


By Christine Frumen


UNIT GAME –– March 11

 Lunch at 1:00 pm – Game at 1:30 pm



MARCH UNIT GAME: After a very successful “Pot Luck” Unit Game last month we return to our regular format.  Pick a partner and come play!

JANUARY UNIT GAME RESULTS: We had a good turnout for the January Unit Game – twenty-five tables in two sections. Overall winners were: 1st, Irwin Bender & George Thompson; 2nd, Cory Hand & Bob Mault; 3rd, Betty McClelland & Mary Schefter; 4th, Frank Bartlett & Jo Daigle; and tied for 5th and 6th, John Yinger & Earl Van Der Vord and Bart Jolin & Gertrud McLachlan. Flight C winners were 1st, Roger Farmer - Michael Ventri; 2nd, Curtis & Lynn Johnson and 3rd, Marcus Evans & John Ionescu. Donna Wenberg was the luncheon chef.

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: Eve Foist has joined our unit – Welcome! Julia Ann Cunningham is a new Club Master status. Tom Harris has attained NABC Master status. We have two new Life Masters – Hank Dunbar and Chuck Messalls. Great going! Congratulations!

70+% GAMES: We only had one in the reporting period of 1/12 – 2/11 – but it’s the one that counts. Lina Cheng - Marcie Evans had a 73.83% game on the Saturday Jackpot game. They split $80. It was not so long ago we were writing that it hadn’t been won in two years. Congratulations to Lina and Marcie for “bringing home the bacon.”

THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: The ACBL Membership game is Wed. March 7at 12:30. The monthly Stratified Open Team Game is scheduled for Monday, March 12 at 7 pm. Then we have the popular District 23 Silver-Point Sectional Tournament at Clubs starting Monday, March 26 through Sunday, April 1 – “no joke (April Fools Day)” it will be the regular schedule, regular prices but no discounts.

            CONDOLENCES & GET WELL: Sorry to hear that Betty Barton’s husband has been ill. We extend our get well wishes to him. Also, we hear that Betty Bratcher will be returning to directing at an upcoming tournament after her surgery. She’s a nice lady – in addition to being a great director so we will be pleased to see her back. Frank Seipp is scheduled for surgery. We send him our prayers and speedy recovery wishes.

            ON THE TOURNAMENT TRAIL NEWS: Mazatlan Bridge Quest perhaps should have been called “Long Beach Players South of the Border” Tourney. There were so many of our players there. Not only were the LB players well represented, they garnered quite a few points. Martha & Phil Schuster took home the “First Week” trophy. Dorothy & Leo Arko, Monica & Paul Harvey, Grace Byrd & Doris Richardson, Pat & Bob Turansick, Donna Wenberg & George Thompson, Pat & Bob Adams, Dennis & Dianne Schmitz, Jean Mats & Susan Oftedal, Beatrice Aron & Tybie Becker, Heidi & Dave Current, Nick & Shirley Thomas, Sue Boswell, Midge Dunagan, Jeanine Gahreng, Gretchen Icenogle, Maxine Montgomery, Beverly Souders and Connie & Jay Young all played well. These players were competing in a 40 table field and did us proud!

            In the District 23 Finals of the North American Open Pairs, Long Beach was well represented.  Keith and Susan Hafen were first overall in Flight C, and will represent District 23 at the Nationals in St. Louis.  Lisa Kuo and Murat Veysoglu placed third overall in Flight C, and also qualified for the National finals.  Kevin Lane and Al Lum had a section 5th in Flight B.

            In the Riverside Regional in Bracketed Knockouts, Irene Hirschland, Tybie Becker, Sue Fardette & Vince Remedios took a first place. David Jones, Peter Eddy, Rosemary Ford, Lynn & Curtis Johnson and Marshall Pelle took a second place.  Diane Black with her Dana Point teammates also too a second Place. Peter Eddy and David Jones scratched in A, B and C in one of the side games.

THIS AND THAT: We heard from Bruce Stark that he’s “been off to faraway places. We started off covering California north and over to Carson City and down 295 home. We went to Sweden to check our gene pool, Holland and Germany. In October we returned from a cross country trip to Texas, Natchez Trace, N. Carolina and the lighthouses on the outer islands, Key West and home.” He plans to return to bridge soon. Congratulations to Carol Murokoshi on the birth of her new grandson!

Save the date: My office is scheduling a “shredding” truck to come to our office in The Marketplace on Saturday, April 21 from 9am – 1pm. Now’s the time to gather up all those paper items you keep meaning to shred but are just too much for your home shredder. You can watch them “ground up” before your very eyes. With identity theft on the rise, it pays to protect yourselves! More about this later but I wanted you to have advance notice.

            For new items, email me at golfgal@charter.net or call me at 562-434-8993. We try to print all news items forwarded.