Long Beach Unit

June 15, 2011


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


††††††††††† MAY 22 Unit Game: ††Overall results:1st in A:T S Chernuchin/John Melis, 2nd Sean Lui/Bob Johnson,3rd Keith and Susan Hafen,4th Betty McClellan/Jo Daigle, 5th Eva Mroz/Penny Wentworth, 6/7/8 tie Audrey Ellis/Anne Harrington, John Killian/Cayce Blanchard, Kim Wang/Sam Wang.In the B flight overall Todd Knapp/Ralph Monkarsh were 4th,Diane Starbuck/Wayne Rapp 5th, and Steven Alt/Pamela Cole 6th.In the C flight overall Connie Provost/Linda Smith were 5th. Congratulations to all!
††† ††††††††70+% GAMES in the club May 16 through June 15: In open games (both evening):Steve Mager/Dean Kalpudes had 71.77% and June 10 Jo and John Melis had 70.32%.In 99er games May 25 Audrey and Bud Linden had 70.0% and May 28 Sue Ayers/Lynn Danielson had 71.24%.And in the NLM game June 6 Bonny Walsh/Karen Watson had 70.63%.Congratulations to you all! 

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:Big master point awards for first place in club games May 16 through June 15:†† May 16 John Bralliar/Bruce Horiguchi 5.17mp,May 17 Irwin Bender/Paul Langerman 6.00mp and in the evening Sabina Lim/Yas Takeda 3.00mp,May 18 Aaron Jones/George Welsh 4.67mp,May 19 Judith Jones/John Bakulich 4.67mp,May 20 Lois Abramson/Irwin Bender 6.00mp,and in the evening Cecil Cook/Mike Galanti 3.17,May 21 Earl VanDerVord/Mark Leonard 5.00mp,May 22 John Melis/T S Chernucin 5.00mp,May 30 Wayne Rapp/Peggy DeSantins 4.39mp,June 3 (evening) Steve Mager/Dean Kalpudes 3.00mp,June 4 Cayce Blanchard/John Melis 4.67mp,June 6 Jackie Hess/John Farr 4.83mp;June 7 Brandon Sheumaker/Ted Gibbs 6.00mp and in the evening Bob Mault/Cory Hand 3.38mp,June 8 Toni Morford/Loren Hilf 4.83mp,June 9 Emma Trepinkski/Mark Teaford 4.17mp,Larry Topper/Bob Goldstein 7.17mp and in the evening Jo and John Melis 3.50mp,June 11 Earl VanDerVord/Sean Lui 4.50mp, and June 12 Steve Skinner/Baum Harris 3.50mp.Big awards for second place:May 16 Kay Tseng/John Melis 3.88mp,May 17 Marcie and Marcus Evans 4.50mp,May 18 Bill Ensley/Hanefi Erten 3.50mp,May 19 Sean Lui/Earl VanDerVord 3.50mp, May 20 Baum Harris/Larry Slutsky 4.50mp,May 21 Sankar Reddy/Eric Tang 3.75mp,May 22 Sean Lui/Bob Johnson 3.29mp,May 30 Steve Skinner/T S Chernuchin 3.29mp, June 4 Weishu Wu/Sam Wang 3.50mp,June 6 Lois Abramson/Doris James 3.62mp, June 7 Bruce Horiguchi/Aaron Jones 4.50mp,June 8 Kiyo Nagaishi/Steve Rowe 3.63mp,June 9 Aaron Jones/SteveMager 3.13mp,June 10 Brandon Sheumaker/Gary King 5.38mp, and June 11 Kimi Matsumoto/Mark Teaford 3.38mp.Big awards for third place:May 17 Tedd Gibbs/Brandon Sheumaker 3.38mp,May 20 Mark Tang/Kiyo Nagaishi 3.38mp, June 20 Larry Slutsky/Baum Harris 4.03mp.Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBER:†† Sheri Held (transfer from Anaheim).Welcome to the Long Beach!

STATUS CHANGES: NewClub Masters:Bernard Dow, Charles Laine;NABC Masters:Carmela Chiurazzi, Doreen Maes;Silver Life Master:Fern Dunbar;Diamond Life Master:Lois Abramson;and new Emerald Life Master:Leo Bell.Congratulations to you all!

††††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:Tuesday, July 5 Inter-Club Champsionship game.July 10 Unit Game--lunch 12:30, game at 1pm.†† The week of July 11-17 STaC games; extra points, hand records, $11 game fee.July 21 Inter-Club Championship game.July 22 ACBL-wide International Fund Game:extra points, hand records, $11 game fee.The week of July 25-31 club championship games.Extra points, regular fee.††††

††††††††CONGRATULATIONS to Kevin Lane who was awarded his PhD last month.

†††††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Judy Lorber and Elinor Baratelle.

†††† ††††NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD from Gene Yaffee:May 28 Club Championship Game winners: A Strat--1st, Bee Kinman & Verna Burns; 2nd, Judy Carter-Johnson & Howard Smith; 3rd, Patricia & Robert Adam; 4th, Cookie Pham and her sister, Thuan Gwynn (first in B Strat).June 9 Club Championship Game winners:1st--Bill Linskey & Howard Smith, 2nd--Gloria Sedore & Sibyl Slutsky, 3rd--Cookie Pham & Joan Tschirki, 4th--Patricia & Robert Adam.

 ††††††††† UPCOMING EVENTS: STaC Week, July 11-15 -- Silver points.Swiss Teams game, Monday, August 1.Unit Game & BBQ, Sunday, September 18.   For more information and/or to make reservations for these events, please call Ruth Kaller at (562) 430-0316.

 ††††††††† Get well wishes are sent to Sue Ayers, Denis Lyons & Mary Thomas.

†††††††††† Welcome back to the bridge table, Betty Sichel, after her bout of pneumonia, and Lottie Kostar, after her surgery and rehab.

 ††††††††† Condolences to the family of John Biggs. John passed away quite unexpectedly on May 23.

 ††††††††† Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org then click on "Leisure World Results" on left hand side.

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