Long Beach Unit


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


UNIT CHARITY GAME - Sunday, June 22 at 1:00pm     

Non-life masters play for free, but you need to sign up before the game


             APRIL 30 ANNIVERSARY GAME RESULTS: Seventeen tables in the open game. Overall results were: 1st in A, a tie between Raymond Mack/Mark Raggio and John Bralliar/Bea Bralliar; 3rd, George Welsh/Irma Johnson; 4th, Cory Hand/Tom Skidmore; 5th, Sharon Beran/Thambu Nadarajah; 6th, Linda Carder/Roy Wilson.  Other winners in the overalls were: Rich Wasser and Kay Tseng, 3rd in B; Cayce Blanchard and Jo Melis, 4th in B; Barbara Balowitz and Bernard Mann, 5th in B; Eileen Nelson and Julie Cunningham, 6th in B. And in the C category, 2nd: Tom Harris and Cindy Matsuk, 3rd: Barbara Frischkorn and Jean Kato, 4th: Hank and Fern Dunbar. In the seven-table 299er game over-all winners were: 1st, Roy and Diane Tomooka; 2nd, Sarah Langley and Sherry Royce; 3rd, Louise Sperr and Doris Richardson; 4th, Phyllis Greenstein and Doreen Maes; 5th, David Morgan Jones and Bill Reeves. Renee Hoffman and Anne Munchow were 3rd in B. The Mexican-style dinner, prepared by Donna Wenberg, assisted by Emma Trepinski, was delicious. Congratulations winners!             
             BIG POINT AWARDS from the April 30 anniversary game: Ray Mack/Mark Raggio and John and Bea Bralliar each won 4.96mp. George Welsh and Irma Johnson, won 3.19mp. From the Western Conference STaC games: May 6: 1st overall Gary King and Marjorie Michelin, 4.50mp. 2nd overall Christine Frumen and Bill Hume, 3.38mp. May 9: 1st overall Stanley Snyder and Lois Abramson, 4.00mp. 2nd overall Jo Melis and John Melis, 3.00mp. All of these were points awarded by the club.  Big STaC regional winners from our club were: Jerry Chamberlain and Winnie Jasper (our visitors from the Bay Area), 12.41mp for their 68% game on May 5, and Bruce Horiguchi and Mark Tang, 12.96pm for their 69% game on May 9. And in the International Fund Game May 8 Doris James and Jo Daigle were 1st overall winning 5.33mp, Paul Pettler and Al Mastron were 2nd overall winning 4.00mp. Congratulations to all of you!            
      70+% GAMES through 5/15: Three pairs hit that “magic” 70+% game this reporting period. Sunny Harper and Richard Dickens had a 73.96% game on 4/23, Kevin and Dennis Lane had a 71.99% game on 4/29, and Gary Dial and Marcia Westlake had a 71.83% game on 4/30. Congratulations! 

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We issue a warm welcome to our one newest member, Doug Eisner, and welcome back returning member Sharon Beran.

The most recent status changes for our unit are: Life Master David Goetz and Bronze Life Master Chuck Messall. Congratulations!

FREE LESSONS to lure new members:  Beginning on Saturday, May 10, the club offered free lessons to anyone interested in learning the game. Ninety-two people showed up on the first day, so it was decided to split the group in two and offer the free lessons on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons for the next three weeks. Baum Harris deserves the credit for the idea, Donna Wenberg for organizing it and Bob Mault for teaching the classes. Great job guys!

             THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: Extra points games: Thursday, May 29 at 12:30 a membership game;  Saturday, June 7 at 12:30pm Worldwide Bridge Contest (card fees $11); Monday, June 9 at 7pm a team game; Wednesday, June 18 at 12:30 and 7pm membership games; and a charity game Sunday, June 22 (non-life masters section can play for free—up to 13 tables, but you have to sign up before the game). 

              GET WELL WISHES to Shirley Thomas who is recovering from back surgery. And goodbye to Jeanne Landy who is moving to Florida to be closer to her family.     

              HELP THE NEW COLUMNIST (we miss Christine): If you have any news items you would like to see in the column, my email is jyinger1@gmail.com or you can reach me at 714-256-0250.