Long Beach Unit

July 15, 2011


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


††††††††††† JULY 10 Unit Game: ††Overall results:1st in A:Betty McClellan/Jo Daigle,2nd Mark Teaford/Mark Leonard, 3rd Diane Starbuck/Eddie Gruber, 4th Al and Sharon Appel,5th Sean Lui/Hanefi Erten,6th Betty Jackson/Gloria Sedore.In the B flight overall Lisa Kuo/Murat Veysoglu were 5th,Eileen Nelson/Ruth Kaller 6th.And in the C flight overall Rick and Robert Bukovich were 3rd,Sue Boswell/Tom Ludgwig 4th, Judith Jones/John Petire were 5th.Congratulations to all!

70+% GAMES in the club June 16 through July 15: In open games:June 17 Betty McClellan/Verna Baccus had 71.30%,June 27 Lois Perovich/John Galligher had 71.63%,June 28 (eve) Cory Hand/Bob Mault had 71.25,July 13 Phyllis Parker/John Petrie had 69.96% (sooo close)and in the evening game Mark Itabashi/Allen Golbert had 71.43%.And in the NLM game July 12 Monica Gettis/George Alemshah had 70.24%.Congratulations to you all!

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:1st over-all big point awards June 16 through July 15:June 19 Earl Van Der Vord/Jon Yinger won 4.11mp,June 20 Jo Daigle/Doris James 4.67mp,June 21 Brandon Sheumaker/Ted Gibbs 4.33mp,June23 Aaron Jones/Sankar Reddy 4.00mp,June 24 Lois Abramson/Irwin Bender 6.33mp, June 24 (eve) Sherry Troeger/Bob Mault 3.00mp,June 25 Sankar Reddy/John Crabtree 4.33mp,June 26 Baum Harris/Steve Skinner 3.17mp, June 29 George Welsh/Aaron Jones 4.50mp, and in the Unit Game July 10 Jo Daigle/Betty McClellan won 4.11mp.Big awards for second place:June 19 Sharon and Al Appel 3.08mp,June 20 Bob Ballack/Davey Johnson 3.50mp, June 21 Rich Wasser/Jon Yinger 3.25mp,June 23 Kay Tseng/John Melis 3.00mp,June 24 Jean Kato/Barbara Frischkorn 4.75mp,June 25 T S Chernuchin/Baum Harris 3.25mp,June 29 Roger Farmer/Bob Ballack 3.38mp, and in the Unit Game July 10 Mark Teaford/Mark Leonard won 3.08mp.Big awards for third place:June 24 Marcie Evans/Jon Yinger won 3.56mp.Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBERS:†† Judy Tsangarakis, Stan Blitz, Bill Brooks, Kathryn Moore, Betty Witteried.†† Welcome to the Long Beach Bridge Center!

STATUS CHANGES: Junior Maters:Lynn Danielson, Judy Percer;Club Masters:Geraldine Landes, Audrey Linden, Hugh Linden;Sectional Master:Elizabeth Thometz; Gold Life Master:Earl Van Der Vord.Congratulations to you all!

†††††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:Wednesday, August 3 Inter-Club Champsionship game.Aug 14 Unit Game--lunch 12:30, game at 1pm.†† The week of August 22-28 STaC games; extra points, hand records, $11 game fee.

†††††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Doris Drew.

†††† ††††NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD from Gene Yaffee:High game of 71% was scored by Bee Kinman & Howard Smith on July 9.

 ††††††††† Overall winners in the first ever STaC game held in Leisure World were: Strat A--Bee Kinman & Bill Linskey 65.41%; Strat B--Diane Sachs & Fern Dunbar 64.07%; Strat C--Lottie Kostar & Ron Yaffee 54.7%.

 ††††††††† Monday, August 1, will be a Swiss Team Event. Form your four person team by using the following point count system; a team may not exceed a total of 8 points. Using ACBL current Master Points--0 to 199 = 1; 200 to 799 = 2; 800 and up = 3. A team can have any combination of players whose total does not exceed 8. Team Captains must register in advance with Howard Smith at 598-6121.  For more information, please Ruth Kaller at 430-0316.

 †††††††† Sunday, September 18, Leisure World will host the unit game. Lunch followed by bridge will be held in Clubhouse #1. Reservations are a must for entry to Leisure World. Contact Ruth Kaller at 430-0316 for more information.

 †††††††† A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to Ruth Kaller who has retired from directing on Fridays and Saturdays! Ruth has done an outstanding job and all of the players want her to know how much she has been and is appreciated. 

††††††††† Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org 

††††††††† Gene Yaffee,††† Leisure World Duplicate Bridge††††† 562/430-7040

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