Long Beach Unit 

July 15, 2009



by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


             A RARE MONTH with no unit game.  The last unit game was June 14, results reported in the last newsletter, and the next unit game is on Sunday, July 19.  Y’all come.
             LOCAL PLAYERS’ first place wins at the recent PASADENA REGIONALS (all first place awards carry gold points):  July 4 Compact KO, Bracket II, each winning 7.64mp:  Diane Starbuck, Eddie Gruber, Larry Gordon, William Carlson.  July 6 side game:  Barbara Frischkorn/Jean Kato, 7.64mp.  July 7 Compact KO Bracket II Vincent Remedios, Sue Fardette, Tybie Becker, Irene Hirschland, 8.38mp.  July 11 Compact KO Bracket III Sandy Bernard, Albert Lum, Steve Hirsch, Gregory Thorpe 7.57mp.  July 11 KO Bracket IV Pritzi Lembi, Jose Rodriguez, Virginia Dudley, Leah Levitt 5.44mp.   July 11 Swiss Team Gary Paugh, Mark Teaford, Yasuko Shrenzel, Kimiko Matsumoto 6.37mp.  And in the Sunday, July 12 Swiss Team event, Gary, Mark, Yasuko and Kimiko won again, each winning 13.82 gold points.  Congratulations to you all!
             70+% GAMES 6/16 through 7/15: In the June 22 morning game Lois Perovich/Steve Rowe had a 70.89% game.  In the June 26 open game Roger and Sharon Anderson had a 69.68% game (rounds off to 70%), and in the NLM game Yolanda Medina/Cole Sachs had  a 74.43% game. Congratulations to you all! 

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS (in the shadow of the Pasadena regionals):  Big points for 1st overall in big games:  In the June 21st game Bob Lavery/Steve Skinner were 1st overall winning 3.26mp, and in the July 4th game Paul Pettler/Elinor Baratelle were 1st overall winning 3.12mp.  Congratulations to you all!

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS:  We issue a warm welcome to new members Aaron Jones, Jerry Reid and  Pamela Cole.   Status changes: New Club Masters:  Jane Reid and Joyce Shuford.   New Sectional Master:  Cooie Dampman.  New Life Masters: Sandy Bernard (who became life master at the Pasadena regionals) and Jay Young.   New Bronze Life Master:  Douglas Bagdon.   And new Silver Life Masters:  Diane Sachs and Kay Tseng.  Congratulations to you all!! 

           UP-COMING SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE CLUB:  Membership Game Thursday July 16, 12:30; extra points, no extra fees.  Unit Game, Sunday July 19.  Team Game, Monday July 20 7:00pm.  Silver Point STaC July 20-26 card fees $10.  ACBL International Fund Game, Friday July 24. Membership Games Tuesday August 4, 12:30 and 4:15

           CONDOLENCES to the Kay Tseng and her family.  We were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Kay’s husband, Stan, earlier this month.  

           GET WELL WISHES to Betty Gerhardt, Christy Mangum, Frank Bartlett and Dann Habberfield. 

           HELP THE COLUMNIST: If I have missed an award or status change please let me know. If you have any news items you would like to see in the column, my email is jyinger1@gmail.com.