Long Beach Unit 

 July 15, 2014

by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com

         JUNE 22 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  Jo Daigle/Betty McClellan,   2nd Jackie Hess/Lucy Gellner,  3rd Steve and Charlotte Sturm,  4th Bob Mault/Phyllis Parker,  5th Howard Smith/Joyce Henderson,  6th Steve Ramos/Kevin Lane.  In the B flight overall:   3rd Ginnie Blitzman/Charles Messall,  4th Kiyo Nagaishi/Renee Hoffman,   5th Eva Mroz/Penny Wentworth,  6th Joan Kaye/Renee Alpert.  In the C flight overall:  5th Pat Peters/Marynell Solomon,  6th  Lynn Johnson/Rosemary Ford.  In the NLM section overall:  1st Ruth Roe/Linda Dillon,  2nd Michiko Sharp/Linda Nye.  Congratulations to all!  
         70+% GAMES:  In the evening NLM game Monday July 7 Sy and Reva Alban had 74.17%.  Congratulations!

         BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS  June 16 through July 15:  In the unit game June 22 Betty McClellan/Jo Daigle won 5.10mp for 1st, Jackie Hess/Lucy Gellner  3.83mp for 2nd.  June 23 Sherman Gao/Tien (Tony) Zee won 5.17mp for 1st, Ralph Rivera/Dave Carroll 3.88mp for 2nd.   In the afternoon game June 24 Lowell Andrews/Baum Harris won 6.00mp for 1st, Jo Daigle/Jon Yinger 4.50mp for 2nd, Jean Matz/Betty Witteried 3.38mp for 3rd, and in the evening game George Welsh/Earl VanDerVord won 3.17mp for 1st.  June 25 Steve Skinner/Baum Harris won 5.00mp for 1st, Jo Daigle Betty McClellan 3.75mp for 2nd.  June 26 Steve Ramos/Kevin Lane won 4.83mp for 1st,  Marcie Evans/Steve Skinner 3.63mp for 2nd.   June 27 in the afternoon game Steve Ramos/Lucy Gellner won 7.00mp for 1sst (!!), Cliff Goodrich/Kevin Lane 5.25mp for 2nd,  Al Beebe/Verna Baccus 3.94mp for 3rd, and in the evening game Eddie Gruber/Diane Starbuck won 3.50mp for 1st.  June 28 John Bralliar/Bruce Horiguchi won 4.50 for 1st, Betty McClellan/Steve Skinner 3.38mp for 2nd.  June 29 Kim Wang/Louis Shen won 3.67mp for 1st.  Congratulations to all!

         NEW MEMBER:  Ahmed Khalak.  Welcome to the club!

         STATUS CHANGES:  Junior Master:  Ralph Brunson.  Club Master: Jim Keese.  Sectional Master:  Joyce Roberts.  NABC Master:  Usha Bansal.  New Life Master:  Robert Bakovich.  Bronze Life Masters:  Barbara Harris and William Smith.  Gold Life Master:  Bill Wilson.   New Diamond Life Master:  Betty McClellan.  Congratulations to you all!

         CONDOLENCES to Lois Abramson whose husband, Sam, passed away early this month, and to Betty McClellan whose stepson, Rick, passed away late last month.

         UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   Unit Game July 27.  Lunch 12:30, game 1pm.

         North American Pairs qualifying  week  August 4th through August 10th. Yet again you have another chance to earn many extra points and qualify for next year’s North American Pairs competition. No extra $.


        Western Conference STaC begins Monday, August 18, and runs  through Sunday, August 24.  There is an extra $1.00 charge per session for STaC events.

        Unit Game Sunday August 31.  Lunch served at 12:30pm. game starts at 1:00pm.  Future Unit Games:  September 28, October 26, November 23, and December 21 (Christmas party at the LBBC).

        NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD  by Judy Carter-Johnson---July 15, 2014

Saturday June 21 was The Longest Day—Clubs were invited to support the ACBL’s sunrise till sunset to support Alzheimer’s disease research and care.  Nine tables of players enjoyed the game at Clubhouse #1.

        LONGEST DAY RESULTS:   Overall winners:  Joyce Henderson/Howard Smith 1in A, 1 in B.  Christine Fruman/Ruth Kaller 2 in A.  Verna Burns/Joan Tschirki  3 in A.  Sharon Baren.Bee Kinman 4 in A.  Bud Camden/Jeanette Estill  5 in A,  2 in B, 1 in C.  Judy Carter-Johnson/Cooie Dampman 3 in B.  Jack Dampman/ George Koehm 4 in A, 2 in C. 

        CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS:  July 11 (Clubhouse #1) overall winners Sue Fardette/Marilyn McClintock 1 in A.  Emma Trepinski/Gary Paugh  2 in A.  Sue Boswell/Syliva Kaprelyan 3 in A, 1 in B.  Jane and Tom Gibbons 4 in A.  Bob and Pat Adams 5 in A.  Judy Carter-Johnson/Jack Miller 2 in B.  Betty Scharf/Bill Robinson 3 in B.  Joan and Ted Wieber 4 in B.          

        CONGRATULATIONS to Howard Smith attaining the rank of Bronze Life Master!  Also to many, many resident and non-resident players who earned master points at the recent regional in Long Beach.

        UPCOMING CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP DATES:  Clubhouse #3—Mondays—Sept 15  and Oct 13.   Clubhouse #1—Friday Oct 10 and Saturday Oct 18.    

        UPCOMING UNIT RATED GAMES:  Clubhouse #3  Thursday August 14 and Monday Nov 17.

        PHONE NUMBER for Clubhouse #3—Late arrivals, last minute reservations, last minute cancellations, need a partner—After 12:00 none:  (562) 481-7368.  Games are held on Mondays/Thursdays at Clubhouse #3 and Friday/Saturday at Clubhouse #1 at 12:15.  Advanced reservations are requested as Leisure World is a gated community.  Please Call:  Monday—Midge Dunagan (562) 594-9468  Thursday—Cookie Pham (562) 431-6453  Friday and Saturday—Jaye Woodington (562) 799-1089.  If you have any news for next month’s column please email me: jcj90740@gmail.com.  Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org

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