Long Beach Unit 

 July 15, 2012


by Jon Yinger

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              JUNE 17 unit-rated FATHER’S DAY GAME:    Overall results: 1st in A:  Bob Mault/Phyllis Parker,  2nd Chiye and Bruce Horiguchi,   3rd Paul Pettler/Eileen Nelson,  4th Earl VanDerVord/Jon Yinger,  5th Karen Horton/Wayne Rapp.  B flight overalls:  Usha Bansal/Hashim Mahmood were 2nd and Don Harris/Herb Royal were  3rd.   Congratulations to all! 
             JUNE 24 UNIT GAME:   Overall results: 1st in A:  John and Bea Bralliar,  2nd Sue Ann Simon/Steven Yaffe,   3rd Carol McCully, Ed Barad,   4th John and Jo Melis,  5th John Petrie/Sankar Reddy,  6th  Jackie Hess/Betty McClellan.  B flight overalls:  4th Kiyo Nagaishi/Usha Bansal,  5th Nancy Karl/Sandy Lex,  6th Fern Dunbar/Linda Stein.   C flight overalls:  3rd Paul Pettler/Patricia Ann Jay,  4th Melanie and Jerome Smith.  Congratulations to all!
             JULY 15 “Eight Is Enough” UNIT GAME:  The over-all winning team in the A flight, each member winning 5.10mp, consisted of Aaron Jones/Sean Lui/Cayce Blanchard/John Petrie.  The #2 team, each member winning 3.83mp, was Baum Harris/Steve Skinner/Robert and Richard Bakovic.  The #3 team, each member winning 2.87mp, was Barbara Shortwell/George Norman/Florence Niwa/Ralph Moskowitz.  The #4 team was Gary Paugh/Mark Teaford/Joyce Henderson/Jane Reid.  Tied for 5/6 were Betty Jackson/Gloria Sedore/Sylvia Kaprelyan/Cole Sachs tied with Renee Hoffman/AnneMunchow/Melanie and Jerome Smith.  In the B flight the #5 team was Peggy Waite/Janet Logan/Lynn Danielson/Sue Ayers; the #6 team was Steve Ramos/Bill Dilks/Sharon Biederman/Lorraine Hohn.  And in the C flight , tied for 5/6, were the teams of Janet Wagner-Kirner/Lavonne McQuilkin/Ernie and Ylia Ross tied with the team of Marcus Evans/Linda Eagan/Mei Yost/Diana Lam.  Congratulations to all!!
             70+% GAMES in the club June 16 through July 15:  In the NLM game July 3 Ann Munchow/Jerome Smith had a 72.92% game, and in the open game July 10 Steve Rowe/Irwin Bender had a 70.51% game.  Congratulations to both pairs!   

  BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:  Big point awards for 1st, 2nd or 3rd in open pairs games June 16 through July 15:  In the Unit Game June 17 Phyllis Parker/Bob Mault were 1st overall winning 3.00mp.  June 18 John Hand/Aaron Jones won 5.33mp for 1st, Gary King/Ted Gibbs 4.00mp for 2nd,  Betty McClellan/Jon Yinger 3.00mp for 3rd.  June 19 Betty McClellan/Steve Rowe won 5.50mp for 1st,  Marcie Evans/Sean Lui 4.21mp for 2nd, and Al and Sharon Appel 3.09mp for 3rd.  June 20 Betty McClellan/Toni Morford won 4.00mp for 1st, Phil Schuster/Jon Yinger 3.00mp for  2nd.  July 21 John and Cory Hand won 4.17mp for 1st,  Kay Tseng/John Melis 3.13mp for 2nd.  June 22 Baum Harris/Larry Slutsky won 6.50mp for 1st, Stephen Licker/Dick Sands 4.88mp for 2nd, Larry Topper/Bob Goldstein 3.66mp for 3rd.  In the evening game Lisa Kuo/Murat Veysoglu won 3.00mp for 1st.  June 23 Jo and John Melis won 4.50mp for 1st, Pam Kirkner/Bill Wilson 3.38mp for 2nd.  In the Unit Game June 24 Bea and John Bralliar won 3.68mp for 1st over-all.  July 4 Kim Wang/Gabrielle Sill won 4.39 mp for 1st.  And in the evening game July 13 John and Jo Melis won 4.00mp for 1st, Sankar Reddy/Aaron Jones won 2.00 for 2nd.  Congratulations to all!

STATUS CHANGES:   Junior Masters:  John Kraft, Richard Schaeffer;  Club Masters:  William Dilks, Linda Nye;  Sectional Masters:  Susan Biby, Bernard Dow, Rosalie Storc;   Regional Master:  John Berg.  Congratulations to you all!! 

           UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   Wednesday August 1 Inter-Club Championship game:  hand records and overall awards.  August 5 through 11 North American Pairs qualifying week.   Sunday, August 19 Unit Game:  lunch at 12:30, game at 1pm.  August 20 thru 26 Great Western Holiday STaC week:  Hand Records, overall awards.   NAP and STaC games:  hand records, extra points, $11 fee.  Other special games—extra points, regular prices.

         Leisure World ACBL Bridge World news from Joan Tschirki:  

Leisure World ACBL Bridge Club is really on the GROW!!  Monday and Thursday games are up to 10 tables and more interest as new residents and the “world outside” players join us for friendly, well-run games.  An of course the price is right:  $2.00 and $3.00.  Currently Larry Slutsky is offering free lessons reviewing what they already know with suggestions of how to improve their games.  Games on Monday call Midge 562-594-9698 and Cookie 562-431-6453 for Thursday at Clubhouse III.  Drawings weekly for free plays.  On Fridays call Joyce at 562-439-6122 and Audrey at 562-598-8081 on Saturdays at Clubhouse I.  Most recently Aaron Jones has offered up his services as Director on Saturdays.  We are very pleased to have this rising star in the bridge world!

We have some good press with Connie Young achieving her goal as Life Master.  Congrats!!  This took place in the Las Vegas Regional in June, 2012.  Jay Young, her partner in bridge and in life, helped her achieve this goal!

          Bee Kinman also made news by achieving over 5000 master points.  In ACBL this is referred to as a Diamond Life Master.  Congrats!  (not as the newspaper reported 55,000 points!!)  Bee has been the Queen Bee in Leisure World for about twenty years.  And thus the……..




When I came to bridge for the first time in Leisure World, I soon found out who the queen is.

                  Bee is the “honey” holding the beehive together.

                  We are her “worker bees”  and her “wanna bees”

                  She wants us to bee-lieve in ourselves.  She doesn’t bee-little

She just shakes her head, and never bee-comes upset.

                  Bee decided to give lessons, sometimes they were “unreachable,” “unpreachable,’  and                    


But she continues to pollinate…..  whatever it takes.

                  We bee-lieve in you, Bee!!   Congratulations!!  The Leisure World Bee-hive!!

                                                                                                               By Joan Tschirki


                                                           Mid-Way 2012 Leaders

THE WANNA BEES                    THE HONEY BEES                       THE SOARING BEES

   (non Life Masters)                        (Life Masters to 2000pts)              (LM over 2000 pts)

1.      Howard Smith                                1.  Verna Burns                                 1.  Bee Kinman

2.      Gloria Sedore                                 2.   Bill Linskey                                 2.  Larry Slutsky

3.       Betty Scharf                                   3.  Dorothy Favre                              3.  Joan Tschirki    

For more information on Club events call Ruth Kaller, Club Manager, at 562/430-0316 or Ted Wieber, President, at 562/596-8661.  Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org 

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