Long Beach Unit


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


†††††††††††† MAY 18 UNIT GAME RESULTS:Overall results: 1st in A, Earl VanDerVord/Jon Yinger; 2nd, Nancy Schwantes/Prakash Kumar; 3rd, John and Suzie Hand; 4th, Pat Durand/Eileen Nelson; 5th, Eileen Neesen/Kaye Amdon; 6th, Steve Skinner/Bob Lavery. Other winners in the overalls were Sean Lui/Ann McClelland, 3rd in B; Garth Greene/Lorraine Norton, 4th in B; Alan and Sharon Appel, 5th in B, Barbara Shotwell/Carol McKay, 6th in B. And in the Cs, overall, Sharon Beran and Thambu Nadarajah were 4th, and Henry Sheehan and Kim Wang were 5th. Congratulations to all of us!†††††††††††

†††††††††††† JUNE 7 WORLDWIDE BRIDGE CONTEST GAME RESULTS: Thirteen tables in the open game. Overall results were: 1st in A, Lois Abramson/Len Beck; 2nd, Stephen Goldstein/Marjorie Michelin; 3rd, Frank Bartlett/Cory Hand; 4th, John Melis/Cayce Blanchard; 5th/6th, Stanley Snyder/Mort Futterman tied with Wayne Rapp/Judith Jones. Other winners in the overalls were: Earl VanDerVord/Michael Daly, 3rd in B; Kim Wang/Masae Kato, 4th in B. And in the C category, Girts Ozdins/Mike Munson, 2nd. In the six table Novice game winners were: 1st NS Evelyn Carlson/Joyce Shinn, 2nd NS Melissa Banning/Katherine DeJarnett, 1st EW Tony Gubiotti/Robert Jones; 2nd EW Lynn Valenziano/Bill Spence. 3rd in B NS were Nushem Javadizodeh/Mihir Das; 3rd in B EW were Kiyo Nagaishi/Evelyn Martin. Congratulations winners!†††††††††† 
††††††70+% GAMES through 6/15: Ten pairs had 70+% games this reporting period: Evelyn Carlson and Joyce Shinn had a 83.33% game on June 7, Mark Teaford/Kimmi Matsumoto 75.69% June 3, Tony Gubbiotti/Robert Jones 75% June 7, Sandy Howe/Bob Howe 74.93% on May 31, Ellie Moory/Sandra Hamlin 74.69% on June 5, Allan and Sally Gordy 72.19% on May 29, Vincent Remedios/Sue Fardette 71.88% June 9, Audrey Bixby/Sandra Hamlin 71.43% June 12, Katherine DeJarnett/Melissa Banning 70.89% on May 31, and Jackie Yu/Bobbie Kemmer 70.25% on May 31. Evelyn Carlson and Joyce Shinn were novices playing the Easy Bridge game on June 7. OK, how many of you life masters have had an 83% game?? 
†††††††††††††CHARITY GAMES:Did you ever wonder where the money raised at charity games goes?Last month the Long Beach Bridge center donated $4,000 to the Long Beach Womenís Shelter.Some of the money came directly from our unit, but the bulk of it was from a $20,000 grant from the ACBL to District 23.The District, in turn, allocated money to various units for charity projects. Our designated charity was the LBWC. 

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We issue a warm welcome to new members Angie-Bua Gilstrap, Richard Dickens, Linda Lane, Sandra Pickering, Rufo Robinson, Janice Taylor and Mark Teaford. The most recent status changes for our unit since last month are for Alan Flower and Jean Kato who made Life Master, and Sue Sood and Emma Trepinski who made Bronze. Congratulations!

†††††††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB: Bridge Week: June 30-July 6, no extra fees, just extra points. Sun. July 13, 1:00 Unit Game

†††††††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Darlene Sluder and Dann Habberfield.†††

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