Long Beach Unit


by Christine Frumen

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

NEW CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


UNIT GAME - Sunday, July 15 

Lunch at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm


TRIBUTE TO IRMA JOHNSON & GEORGE WELSH: The new LB Bridge Center owners, Baum Harris and Loren Hilf, officially took over the club on June 1 and one of the first things they did was host a tribute to Irma and George with a dinner game that evening. And WOW what a tribute that was! Thirty-three tables – that’s 132 folks – turned out to thank and honor them for the twenty-five years of owning the club. Players saw George more often day-to-day but Irma, who has owned it the longest, deserves much recognition for her mostly behind the scenes successful management. Together they made it the thriving club it is. So far, players seem very satisfied that the club is continuing as the club they have come to love and enjoy.

UNIT GAME: Our Unit Game this month is on July 15. Come out to take a chance at earning extra points and enjoy the camaraderie of the Unit Game.

NEW OWNERSHIP CHANGES: Donna Wenberg is the new Club Manager. The immediate changes you will see at the club are new bidding boxes on every table, new cards and results posted to the web after every game. Web address for the club is www.LongBeachBridge.com. The schedule remains the same. Marcie Evans will be directing the Wednesday evening game. Baum and Loren want to continue the success formula that Irma and George created.

MAY UNIT GAME RESULTS: Twenty tables vied for top scores in the May Unit game, playing in two sections. Winners were: 1st, Frank Bartlett & Jo Daigle; 2nd, Jeff Strutzel & Bruce Horiguchi; 3rd, Eileen Nielsen & Kaye Amdon; 4th, Betty McClellan & Mary Schefter; 5th, Charyl Duff & Renee Alpert; 6th, Suzie & John Hand. The top three Flt C pairs were: 1st, Charyl Duff & Renee Alpert; 2nd, John Kiang & Todd Knapp and tied for 3rd/4th, were the pairs of Kay Sullivan & Glenda Mann and Eva Mroz & Penny Wentworth. Diane Sachs and Donna Wenberg could open their own Italian restaurant with the delicious spaghetti feast they made for the unit game. Bravo!

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We have four new members this month – Welcome! Yolanda Medina joined and Mike Freda, Marilyn and Michael Miech transferred into our Unit. Fay Hsu has become our new Junior Master. Dee Devey has achieved Club Master status. Mike Daley is the new Sectional Master. Sue Fardette is newest NABC Master. And Linda and Dick Stein reached Bronze Life Master status this reporting period. Well done all!

70+% GAMES through 6/13: Vince Remedios & Sue Fardette scored a 70.14 game that we missed last month. We had a goodly number of 70% games this past reporting period including: Frank Bartlett & Jo Daigle, 70.14%; Verna Baccus & Phyllis Parker, 70.14%; Frank Bartlett & Cory Hand, 70.37%; Suzie & John Hand, 70.83%; Ardis Kennedy & Lyn Kraatz, 71.08%; Jan & Bruce Peterson, 71.67%; Hank Neubert & Mike Nielsen, 73.33% game. That’s what we like to see, oodles of 70% games!

THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: The club will be open for the regular schedule during Bridge Week. Celebrate July 4th at the club.  To go with the BBQ lunch, there will be a contest for the best potato salad and baked beans prepared by players entering the contest. So dust off your recipe file. Fix your favorite potato salad or baked bean recipe and bring it to vie for top prize in each category. Look for the sign up sheets at the club.

The monthly Stratified Open Team Game will be at 7:00 pm on Monday, July 11. The ACBL-Wide International Fund Game is scheduled for Friday evening, July 20 at 4:15. Card fees for that game will be $9 and you will get Hand Records and Analyses for that extra buck at that evening game.

            INTRAMURALS EVENT: Merlin Hansen and Steve Sulzby have been working hard to put together an Intramurals Event between our unit and the Barrington Club in Beverly Hills. It’s scheduled for evening games on August 2 and August 9 – a two session (one in Beverly Hills and one in Long Beach) TEAM event with the sessions being held a week apart. Sign-ups and further information at the club or just ask Merlin or Steve.

            ON THE TOURNAMENT TRAIL:  Steve Sulzby, Wei Pei, Matt Leong & Shiu-Ming Huang won the B/C/D Swiss Team event at Hollywood Park.  This team scored 118 victory points out of a possible 140 points.  Sue Fardette, Vince Remedios, Phillip Rutkowski and Sue McHale took first in the “D” flight. Steve Sulzby, Mark Tang, Diane Sachs, Sue McHale, Phillip Rutkowski, Vincent Remedios, Sue Fardette, Thomas Harris, Jean Kato, Barbara Frischkorn, and Sherry Royce also racked up points at Hollywood Park – bridge not horses or poker. Steve Sulzby, Mark Tang, Matt Leong & Shiu-Ming Huang also won the AX portion of the A/AX tournament in Irvine.

CONDOLENCES & GET WELL: Sadly, we report the passing of Frank Seipp. He will be missed by many. Rich Wasser had hip surgery and we hope to see him back at the club in short order – they do wonders with hips nowadays. Roger Farmer dislocated his shoulder and by the time this is published we also hope to see him return.


            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.