Long Beach Unit

January 15, 2014

by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com

††††††††††† DECEMBER 22 Unit Game:†† Overall results:1st in A:Usha Bansal/Rob Preece,2ndMark Teaford/Kimi Matsumoto,3rd John and Jo Melis,4th Diane Starbuck/Eddie Gruber,5th Betty McClellan/Jo Daigle,6th Simon and Lena Cheng,7th Bee Kinman/Verna Burns,8th Fern and Hank Dunbar.In the B flight overall: 4th Eileen Nelson/Julie Cunningham,5th Diane Sachs/Sue Fardette,6th Renee Hoffman/Kiyo Nagaishi.In the C flight overall Eleth Fields/Linda White were 2nd.Results in the NLM section:1st Pam Cronn/Nancy Toussaint,2nd Ralph Brunson/Tim Panik,3rd Mimi Strickler/Bert Nielsen,4th Bill Dilks/Jerry Reid.Congratulations to all!

†††††††† 70+% GAMES December 16 through January 15:†† In open games Dec 30 Paul Pettler/Patricia Ann Jay had 71.25% and Jan 8 (evening) John and Jo Melis had 70.42%.In 199er games Jan 8 (afternoon) Rick Schaeffer/Martin Lipman had 70% and Jan 11 Donna Kupfer/Carol Lopresti had 71.25%.Congratulations to all four pairs!

†††††††† BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS in open games December 16 through January 15:Dec 16 John Killian/Betti Harris won 4.00mp for 1st, Verna Baccus/Lorrie Schramm won 3.00mp for 2nd.Jan 7 Marcie Evans/Jon Yinger won 4.20mp for 1st.Jan 8 Bob Mault/Verna Baccus won 3.38mp for 1st. Jan 10 John Petrie/Gabrielle Sills won 4.90mp for 1st,Wei Pei/Steve Sturm won 3.68 for 2nd.Jan 13 Kay Tseng/John Melis won 3.36 for 1st.Jan 14 Paddy Jay/Paul Pettler won 3.79 for 1st.And Jan 15 Mark Teaford/Gary Paugh won 3.36 for 1st. Congratulations to all!

†††††††† NEW MEMBER:Ralph Brunson.Welcome to the club!

†††††††† STATUS CHANGES:New Sectional Masters:Peter Giotta, Gayl Knapp.New Regional Master:Shirley Knopf.New NABC Masters:Susan Bibby, Roy Tomooka, Karen Watson.Congratulations to you all!

†††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Mark Teaford

†††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:Sunday Feb 2 Groundhog Day Unit Rated game.Feb 9-15 Junior fund Week, extra points, regular prices.Feb 16 Unit Game.Lunch at 12:30, game begins at 1pm.

††††† ††NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLDby Judy Carter-Johnson.

††††††† CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS:December 16-overall winners:Sue Fardette/Vince Remedios 1st in A and B.Joyce Henderson/Coleen Gardner 2nd in A and B.Simone Chottin/Fred Benedetti 3rd in A and B.Jeanette Estill/John Chang 4th in A and B.LaVonne McQuilkin/Janet Wagner 5th in A.Larry Slutsky/Bill Linskey 6th in A.Joan and Ted Wiber 5th in B.Thuan Gwynn/Cookie Pham 1st in C.Tied for 2nd in C:Jean Byer/George Koehm, Audrey Healy/Joyce Newton, and Bobbie and Brent Johanssen.

††††††† CONGRATULATIONS to Betty Jackson on being nominated to be District 23ís Goodwill Committee for 2014.

††††††† RANCHO MIRAGE REGIONAL:Joan Tschirki and Sharon Beran earned 9.27mp and 7.16mp, respectively.Our Thursday director Diane Sachs earned 8.90mp.Some of our regular guests had a great week:Joyce Henderson 15.45mp,Sharon Biederman 14.75mp, Melanie and Jerry Smith 14.17mp each, and Kiyo Nagaishsi 7.41mp.Congratulations to all.

†††† †††Upcoming Club Championship Dates:Clubhouse #3--March 6.Clubhouse #1--Friday, April 11 and Saturday April 19.

††††††† Upcoming Unit Rated Games:Clubhouse #3--Thurs Feb 20.

††††††† Games are held on Mondays/Thursdays at Clubhouse #3 and Friday/Saturday at Clubhouse #1 at 12:15.Advanced reservations are requested as Leisure World is a gated community.Please call:Monday--Midge Dunagan (562) 594-9698. Thursday--Cookie Pham (562) 431-6453.Friday and Saturday--Jaye Woodington (562) 799-1089.

If you have any news for next monthís column, please e-mail me at jc90740@gmail.com.Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org.

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