Long Beach Unit


By Christine Frumen


UNIT GAME January 7

 Lunch at 1:00 pm – Game at 1:30 pm



JANUARY UNIT GAME: After all the partying last month, we return to our regular Unit Game format on January 7. We know you’ve made resolutions and goals (of MPs to be earned in 2007?) and what better way to start 2007 than playing in the Unit Game – which pays more MPs than regular games. Find a partner, mark your calendars and come play in the unit game.

NOVEMBER UNIT GAME RESULTS: We only had sixteen tables but some really fine playing was noted. Overall scores were: 1st, Sue and Keith Hafen (when they scored their 70.67% game reported last month); 2nd, Frank Bartlett & Jo Daigle; 3rd, Cayce Blanchard & John Killian; 4th, Baum Harris & Diane Lynch; 5th, Janet Logan & Carol Murakoshi and 6th, Chiye Horiguchi & Kim Wang. Donna Wenberg was the “chef du jour” for the game.

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: Ronald Banner and Jan Peterson have joined our unit. Welcome! Judy Grieb, Willie Grieb and Ida Wolff have become Junior Masters. Mark Speizer is a new Club Master. Shirley Tavlin is a new Sectional Master. Roger Farmer and Vince Remedios are our newest new Regional Masters. Tybie Becker and Barbara Frischkorn are now a NABC Masters. Carol Murakoshi and Diane Sachs have reached Bronze Life Master status. And Mary Schefter has become a Gold Life Master. Congratulations to each of you on your “winning” these new achievements in your bridge careers!

70+% GAMES: We had a few 70% games this past reporting period. Lois Abramson & Earl Van der Vord had a 74.56 game. Earl also had a 72.92% game with Michael Daley. John Farr & Mark Itabashi scored a 70.60% and Frank Bartlett & Keith Hafen scored a 70.24% Good playing! Aren’t those 70+% games thrilling?

THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: The club is having a New Year’s Day Brunch on January 1 at Noon. The Stratified Open Team Game for the month is on Monday, January 8 at 7pm. Starting Monday, January 15 until Sunday, January 21 will be a week of Championship Games – regular prices, regular schedule but extra points!

NOTE: One of the changes at the club this month is the Tuesday afternoon 199er game is now a 299er game! You guys are getting too good and garnering too many MPs to maintain the 199er limit! Their Open Game on Tuesday afternoon will remain the same.

            CHARITY REPORT: Our members really came through for our charity, the Long Beach WomenShelter this year. Between the profits for the December Unit game and the very generous donations from our members, we collected $2649 at that game which brought our yearly total to $3167 we’ve collected for the year for this worthy charity. Our unit has a big heart and those $$$’s tell the story. We collect all year long – the books for sale and the box at the desk for spare change (or bills). The next time you are paying your card fees, throw a couple of bucks into the box instead of putting it back in your wallet. We could easily double the amount next year!

            THIS AND THAT: At the General Meeting, the Unit Board welcomed two new board members – Diane Sachs and Mark Tang. Paul Pettler and Barbara Shrontz were acknowledged for all the assistance and help they provide for handicapped players. Thanks to them and all other board members who voluntarily serve to make our unit better. You are appreciated!

            EARLY ALERT: The Unit Game on February 11 will be a Pot Luck – a place to show off your culinary skills! Everyone enjoys them so much during the holiday, the Board decided we should have more of them so now’s your chance to dust off your cookbook or recipe box and bring your favorite for all to enjoy.  

            For new items, email me at golfgal@charter.net or call me at 562-434-8993. We try to print all news items forwarded.