Long Beach Unit 

 February 15, 2015

by Jon Yinger

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           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com

         JANUARY 19 Unit-rated MLK-Day Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  Charlotte and Steve Sturm,  2nd Judy Elbogen/Cathy Bauer,  3rd Ralph Beazley/Jo Daigle,  4th Kay Tseng/John Melis,  5th Betty McClellan/Jon Yinger,  6th Betty Witteried/Christine Frumen.  In the B flight overall Betti Harris/John Petire were 2nd,  Usha Bansal/Sean Lui 3rd,  Earl VanDerVord/Michael Daley 4th,  Lynne Finley/Kay Hyland 5th.  And in the C flight overall  April Berg/Ralph Rivera were 2nd, Sharon Biederman/Kiyo Nagaishi 3rd,  Trudy Lamendola/Linda Renkus 4th, Doreen Maes/Phyllis Greenstein 5th.  Overall results in the NLM section:  1st in A:  Lynn Danielson/Anita Padgett,  2nd Pam Cronn/Bonny Walsh,  3rd Elizabeth and Kent Burrell,  4th Don Vallance/Barbara Wallace.  And in the NLM B flight overall Kersten Truelson/Ann Herman were 2nd,  Martin Landau/Anita Smith 3rd,  Arlene Spatz/Dale Blessing 4th.  Congratulations to all!  
         JANUARY 25 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  Doreen Maes/Phyllis Greenstein,  2nd Wei Pei/Phil Hiestand,  3rd Orhan Gurbuz/John Petrie,  4th Jo Daigle/Betty McClellan,    5th Cecil Cook/Mark Tang,  6th Usha Bansal/Rob Preece.  In the B flight overall Keith and Susan Hafen were 3rd,  Robert and Richard Bakovic 4th,  Liang Fan/Linda Nye 5th.  In the C flight overall  Carl Muchnik/Jeff Grotenhuis were 5th.  Congratulations to all!  
         70+% GAMES:  There were no 70+% games in open games over the past month.  In the evening NLM game Feb 9 Lynn Danielson/Bill Dilks had 72.56%.  Congratulations to Lynn and Bill!  

         BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS   Jan 16 through Feb 15:  In the MLK unit-rated game Jan 19 Steve and Charlotte Sturm won 5.40mp for 1st,  Cathy Bauer/Judy Elbogen 4.05 for 2nd,  Jo Daigle/Ralph Beazley 3.04mp for 3rd.  In the unit game Jan 25 Doreen Maes/Phyllis Greenstein won 4.11mp for 1st,  Wei Pei/Phil Hiestant 3.61mp for 2nd.  Feb 9 John Melis/Kay Tseng won 3.79mp for 1st.   Feb 10 Ted Gibbs/Steve Mager won 4.67mp for 1st,  John Petrie/Louis Shen 3.50mp for 2nd.  Feb 11 John Melis/Pam Kirkner won 4.08mp for 1st,  Earl VanDerVord/Mike Welsh 3.06mp for 2nd.  Feb 12 Walt Schafer/Steve Love won 3.79mp for 1st.  In the big game Feb 13 Steve Mager/Gerri Carlson won 5.69mp for 1st,  Ralph Beazley/Earl VanDerVord 4.27mp for 2nd,  Kim Wang/Mike Welsh 3.20mp for 3rd.  Feb 14 Walt Schafer/Carmela Chiurazzi won 3.35mp for 1st.  Congratulations to all!

         GET WELL WISHES:  Mary Thomas

         NEW MEMBERS:  Gene Lentzner, Colleen Bilas.  Welcome to the club!

         STATUS CHANGES:  New Junior Master:  Sandra McDonald.  New NABC Master:  Martin Lipman.  New Advanced NABC Master:  Dalia Hernandez.  New Bronze Life Master:  Linda Renkus.  Congratulations to you all!


March 1:  February Unit Game, lunch 12:30, game 1pm.

March 2-8:  Districts 22-23 STaC week.  Silver points.  Card fee: $12.

March 22.  Unit Game, lunch 12:30, game 1pm.

        NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD  by Judy Carter-Johnson---February 15, 2015

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP  GAME:  January 8 (Clubhouse #3) overall winners:  Bill Linskey/Howard Smith 1 in A.  Bee Kinman/Eileen Nelson  2 in A.  Joyce Henderson/Rob Preece  3 in A,  1 in B.  Ron and Marilyn Mclintock  4 in A.  Linda Stein/Betty Witterried  5 in A.  Fern and Hank Dunbar  6 in A.  Jim Kaping/Alan Olschwang  2 in B, 1 in C.  Chie Wickham/ Harshad Vora  3 in B, 2 in C.  Ted and Joan Wieber  4 in B.  Carmen Gross/Norma Krueger  5 in B.  Claudette and Richard Barrach  3 in C.  Jack Dampman/George Koehm 4 in C.   

       GET WELL WISHES:  To Verna Becker 

       Upcoming Club Championship Games:  Clubhouse #3  March 16, April 16       

       Upcoming Unit Rated Game:  Clubhouse #1  April 25.

       PHONE NUMBER for Clubhouse #3—Late arrivals, last minute reservations, last minute cancellations, need a partner—After 12:00 none:  (562) 481-7368.  Games are held on Mondays/Thursdays at Clubhouse #3 and Friday/Saturday at Clubhouse #1 at 12:15.  Advanced reservations are requested as Leisure World is a gated community.  Please Call:  Monday—Midge Dunagan (562) 594-9698  Thursday—Cookie Pham (562) 431-6453  Friday and Saturday—Jaye Woodington (562) 799-1089.  If you have any news for next month’s column please email me: jcj90740@gmail.com.  Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org

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