Long Beach Unit 

 February 15, 2014

by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com

         JANUARY 19 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  John Bralliar/Steve Ramos,  2nd  Keith and Susan Hafen,  3rd John and Jo Melis,  4th Gaye Harrington/Ted Gibbs,  5th Lisa Kuo/Murat Veysoglu,  6th John Petrie/Orhan Gurbuz.  In the B flight overall:  4th Joyce Henderson/Jane Reid,  5th Kevin Lane/Bruce Altshuler,  6th Doreen Maes/Phyllis Greenstein.  In the C flight overall Usha Bansal/Rob Preece were 4th.  Results in the NLM section:  1st overall Joyce Roberts/Michiko Sharp.  2nd overall Colleen Bilas/Dalia Hernandez.  Congratulations to all!  

         70+% GAMES  January 16 through February 15:   In open games Jan 16 Steve Ramos/Cecil Cook had 72.60%.  Jan 17 (evening) John and Jo Melis had 73.24%.  Jan 29 (evening) John and Jo Melis had 71.99%.  Feb 2 Betty McClellan/Kay Amdon had 70.24%.  Feb 4 (evening) Earl VanDerVord/George Welsh had 75.23%.  In NLM games Jan 24 Joyce Roberts/Michiko Sharp had 69.86%  and Jan 28 Bonny Walsh/Julie Osborne had 71.99%.  Congratulations to all seven pairs!

         BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS  in open games January 16 through February 15:   Jan 17 Mike Ullman/Lynn Johnson  won 4.44mp for 1st,  Dick Sands/Stephen Licker won 3.33mp for 2nd.  Jan 18 Sean Lui/Earl VanDerVord won 3.14mp for 1st.  In the Unit Game Jan 19 John Bralliar/Steve Ramos won 4.25mp for 1st,  Susan and Keith Hafen won 3.19mp for 2nd.  In the big afternoon game Feb 4 Patricia Ann Jay/Ralph Beazley won 6.33mp for 1st, Steve Sturm/Wei Pei won 4.75% for 2nd, Carol Murakoshi/Diane Sachs won 3.56mp for 3rd.  Feb 10 Marcie Evans/Bettyanne Houts won 3.38 for 1st.  Feb 11 Wei Pei/Steve Sturm won 4.43mp for 1st, Richard and Robert Bakovich won 3.32mp for 2nd.  Feb 12 Bob Santen/Paul Pettler won 3.50mp for 1st.  Feb 14 Baum Harris/Larry Slutsky won 4.32mp for 1st, Carmela Chiurazzi/Walt Schafer 3.24 for 2nd.  And Feb 15 Bob Mault/Sherry Troeger won 3.27mp for 1st.  Congratulations to all!

         NEW MEMBER:  Ed Janik.  Welcome to the club!

         STATUS CHANGES:  New Club Masters:  George Koehm, Ruby Luke.  New Regional Master:  Ruth Roe.  New Bronze Life Masters:  Sharon Biederman, Joyce Henderson, Carl Schiermeyer, Dennis Schultz.  New Silver Life Master:  Christine Fruman.  Congratulations to you all!

         CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Mark Teaford—Director, teacher, partner, friend.  He will be sorely missed.

         UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   March 3-9 Districts 22-23 STaC week.  Extra points, hand records, regular prices.  March 23 Unit Game.  Lunch at 12:30, game begins at 1pm. 

         NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD  by Judy Carter-Johnson. 

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS:  January 12--overall winners:  Bobbie and Brent Johansson 1st in A, B and C.  Betty Jackson/Larry Slutsky 2nd in A.  Bee Kinman/Bill Linskey 3rd in A.  Bobbi Vann/Chuck Cutchshaw 4th in A, 2nd in B.  Sue Fardette/Vince Remedios 5th in A, 3rd in B.  Jane and Tom Gibbons 4th in B.  Tied for 2/3 in C Lottie Kostar/Ron Yaffee and Jean Byer/George Koehm.   

         January 17—overall winners:  Jane and Tom Gibbons 1st in A.  Joan Tschirki/Bee Kinman 2nd in A.  Betty Jackson/Lois Abramson 3rd in A.  Ron Yaffee/Richard Harris 4th in A, 1st in B and C.  Sue Fardette/Judy Carter-Johnson 5th in A.  Joan and Ted Wieber 2nd in B.  Cookie Pham/Cuck Cutchshaw 3rd in B, 2nd in C.  Jane and Jerry Reid 4th in B.  Audrey Healy/Joyce Newton 3rd in C. 

           January 25—overall winners: Judy Carter-Johnson/Howard Smith 1st in A and and B.  Joan Tschirki/Jeanette Estell 2nd in A.  Bee Kinman Verna Burns 3rd in A.  Cookie Pham/Chuck Cutchshaw 4th in A, 2nd in B, 1st in C.  Betty Scharf/Bill Robinson 5th in A, 3rd in B, 2nd in C.  Chie Wickham/Stan Blitz 3rd in C.

70+% game:  Feb 10 Verna Burns/Judy Carter-Johnson had a 70.03% game. 

Upcoming Club Championship Dates:  Clubhouse #3—March 6;  Clubhouse #1—Friday April 11 and Saturday April 19.

Upcoming Unit Rated Game:  Clubhouse #3 Thursday February 20.

New phone number for Clubhouse #3—Late arrivals, last minute reservations. Last minute cancellations, need a partner—After 12:00 noon: (562) 481-7368.  Games are held on Mondays/Thursdays at Clubhouse #3 and Friday/Saturday at Clubhouse #1 at 12:15.  Advanced reservations are requested as Leisure World is a gated community.  Please call:  Monday—Midge Dunagan (562) 594-9698  Thursday—Cookie Pham (562) 431-6453  Friday and Saturday—Jaye Woodington (562) 799-1089.

If you have any news for next month’s column please email me: jcj90740@gmail.com.  Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org

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