Long Beach Unit

February 15, 2013


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


††††††††††† JANUARY 27 Unit Game:†† Overall results:1st in A:Jo and John Melis,2nd Pam and Michael Moreland,3/4 tie:†† Sankar Reddy/John Petrie tied with Jo Daigle/Betty McClellan,5th Patricia Ann Jay/Paul Pettler,6th Bee Kinman/Dorothy Favre.In the B flight overall Amr Elghamry/Dominique Moore were 4th, Lina and Simon Chen were 5th, Kim Wang/Chien-Sun Hun were 6th.In the C flight overall Rob Preece/Kevin Lane were 3rd, Robert and Richard Bakovic were 4th and Janet Logan/Todd Knapp tied with Ralph Moskowitz/Barbara Shortwell for 5/6.Congratulations to all!
††††††††††† FEBRUARY 2 unit-rated Ground Hog Day game:Overall results:1st in A:Earl VanDerVord/Sean Lui,2nd Bob Mault/Sherry Troeger,3rd Betty McClellan/Steve Skinner,4th Peggy Waite/Jon Yinger,5th John Melis/ Keith Hafen.In the B flight overall Usha Bansal/Art Linderman were 4th.In the C flight overall Fred Willbanks/Arne Lier were 2nd. ††Overall results in the 199er section:1st in A:John Krafft/Dick Berger,2ndMartin Lipman/Rick Schaeffer,3rd Sally and Alan Gordy,4th Bud and Audrey Linden,5th Bill and Tom Dilks,6th Gary Dial/Richard Dickens.In the B flight overall Carolyn Woo/Ed Bucklin were 5th.Congratulations to all!

70+% GAMES in the club Jan 16 through Feb 15:There were three 70+% NLM games:Pei and Paul Chen had 72.22% Jan 23, Joyce Henderson/Barbara Vann had 70.83% Feb 4 (evening) and Darlene Harrison/Bill Dilks had 71.43% Feb 11 (evening).The closest any pair came to 70% in an open game was John and Bea Bralliar Feb 30 (evening) with a 69.94% game.Congratulations to all four pairsl!

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:1st, 2nd and 3rd over-all big point awards Jan 16 through Feb 15:In the unit-rated MLK game Jan 21 John Petrie/Steve Sturm were 1st over-all winning 4.11mp; John and Cory Hand were 2nd winning 3.08mp.In the unit game Jan 27 Jo and John Melis won 4.53mp for 1st, Pam and NMichael Moreland won 3.40mp for 2nd.In the unit-rated Ground Hog Day Feb 2 Earl VanDerVord/Sean Lui won 3.97mp for 1st, Bob Mault/Sherry Troeger won 2.98mp for 2nd..Feb 11 Sankar Reddy/Lorrie Schramm won 3.15mp for 1st.Feb 13 Cecil Cook/Eugene White won 3.73mp for 1st.Feb 14 Marcie Evans/Steve Skinner won 3.03mp for 1st.And in the big game Feb 15 Sara Wilson/Gilbert Stinebaugh won 5.25mp for 1st, John Petrie/Gabrielle Sill won 3.94mp for 2nd and Jackie Hess/Wayne Otsuki won 2.95mp for 3rd.Congratulations to all!

WomenShelter of Long Beach:Unit 557 has long been a supporter of the WomenShelter of Long Beach.Last month new Board President Kevin Lane presented the WomenShelter with a check for $5,000, our largest contribution to date.Congratulations guys.And gals.

NEW MEMBERSóboth transfers from other clubs:Cecil Cook, and Barbara Vann. Welcome to you both!

STATUS CHANGES: Sectional Master:Lynn Danielson,NABC Master:Linda Renkus, Bronze Life Masters:Carmen Gross, Rob Preece.Congratulations to all!

†††††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:March 11 through 17 D22-D23 STaC week:Hand records, overall awards, card fees $11. March 24 Unit Game--lunch 12:30, game at 1pm.

†††††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Mary Thomas.

†††† ††††NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD:No news this last month.

†††††††††† Games are held on Mondays and Thursdays at Clubhouse #3 and on Fridays and Saturdays at Clubhouse #1 at 12:30 p.m. Players are asked to be there by 12:15 to confirm their reservations. Reservations are necessary because Leisure World is a gated community and you name must be at the gate for entry--reservations may be made by calling Ruth Kaller at 562/430-0316.††††††

 ††††††††† Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org 

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