Long Beach Unit February 15, 2012
by Jon Yinger
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           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com
February 2 Unit-rated Ground Hog Day game:  Overall
results:  1st in A:  Al and Sharon Appel,  2nd John Petrie/Judith
Jones,  3rd Doris James/Jo Daigle,  4th Steve Rowe/John Crabtree,  5th
 Ernie Frank/Audrey Ellis,  6th Baum Harris/Jackie Hess.  In the B
flight overall  John Melis/Kay Tseng were 5th.  And in the C flight
overall  Dick and Linda Stein were 2nd,  Christine Frumen/Fern Dunbar
were 3rd.  Congratulations to all!
February 12 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:
Phyllis Parker/Bob Mault,  2nd Jo and John Melis,  3rd Steve
Skinner/Baum Harris,  4th Usha Bansal/Steven Alt,  5th Susan and Keith
Hafen,  6th Steve Robinson/Bob Stoldt.  In the B flight overall:  4th
Kim Wang/Tony Zee,  5th Lavonne McQuilken/Janet Wagner,  6th Hanefi
Erten/John Chiang.  And in the C flight overall:  4th Paul
Pettler/Mary Thomas,  5th Fay Beckerman/Sherry Troeger.
Congratulations to all!
70+% GAMES in the club Jan 16  through Feb 15:  In open games:  Jan
24  Cecil Cook/Doris James had 73.68%,  Feb 3  John Petrie/Judith
Jones had 69.87%,  Feb 8  Irwin Bender/Steve Skinner had 70.03%, and
in the evening game Feb 14  Bob Mault/Cory Hand had 70.42%.  In NLM
games Miriam Kelley/Gayle Knapp had 72.16% Feb 7 and Roy Tomooka/Ernie
Ross had 69.94% Feb10.  And in the 99er game Feb 15 Audrey and Bud
Linden had a 75% game.   Congratulations to you all!
BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:  Big point awards for 1st over-all in club
games Jan 16 through Feb 15:   Jan 16 Bruce Horiguchi/Charlotte Sturm
won 5.24mp.  Jan 23 Gary King/Ted Gibbs won 3.58mp.  Jan 24 Doris
James/Cecil Cook won 3.79mp.  Jan 25 Phil Schuster/Jon Yinger won
3.79mp.  Jan 27 Lois Abramson/Irwin Bender won 4.77mp.  Jan 28
Charlotte Sturm/Bruce Horiguchi won 3.03mp.  Feb 2 Sharon and Al Appel
won 3.12mp.  Feb 5 Sean Lui/Michael Daley won 3.17mp.  Feb 6 Larry
Topper/Janet Logan won 4.67mp.  Feb 7 Ted Gibbs/Brandon Sheumaker won
6.00mp in the afternoon game and Christine Frumen/ Ruth Kaller won
3.00mp in the evening game.  Feb 8 Steve Skinner/Irwin Bender won
5.17mp.  Feb 9 Marcie Evans/Steve Skinner won 4.33mp.  Feb 10 Jackie
Hess/Mary Ann Coyle won 6.00mp in the afternoon game and John
Crabtree/John Petrie won 3.17mp in the evening game.  Feb 11 Earl
VanDerVord/Sean Lui won 4.50mp.  And Feb 12 Phyllis Parker/Bob Mault
won 3.98mp.  Big awards for second and third place:  Jan 16  Jo
Daigle/Chiye Horiguchi won 3.94mp for 2nd.  Jan 27 Verna Baccus/Betty
McClellan won 3.58mp for 2nd.  Feb 6 Bernie Hadeler/Fred Willbanks won
3.50mp for 2nd.  Feb 7 Steve Skinner/Wei Pei won 4.50mp for 2nd and
Linda Cheng/Lois Abramson won 3.38mp for 3rd.  Feb 8 Rich Wasser/Ralph
Beazley won 3.88mp for 2nd.  Feb 9 John Mohan/Leo Bell won 3.25mp for
2nd.  Feb 10 Jean Towgood/Fred Dyle won 4.50mp for 2nd and Randy
Hamlin/Mark Fraser won 3.38mp for 3rd.  Feb 11 Janet Logan/Irwin
Bender won 3.38mp for 2nd.  And Feb 12 Jo and John Melis won 2.98mp
for 2nd.  Congratulations to all!
NEW MEMBERS:   William Dilks, Janice Fischer, Beverly Friedman, Philip
Friedman,  Warren Harris.  Janice Olson.  Welcome to the club!
STATUS CHANGES:   Club Master: Sylvia Kaprelyan;  Regional Master:
Sharon Biederman; NABC Master:  Jane Reid;  Life Master:  Phyllis
Greenstein;  Silver Life Master:  Susan Hafen.  Congratulations to all
of you!
UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   March 5 thru 11 Great
Western Holiday STaC week:  Hand Records, overall awards, card fees
$11.   March 17  St. Patrick’s Day unit-rated game:  Extra points,
regular prices.  Tuesday March 18 through March 24:  Club membership
week—extra points, regular prices.  March 25:  Unit Game--lunch 12:30,
game at 1pm.
GET WELL WISHES to Mark Teaford and Peggy Waite.
NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD from Gene Yaffee:  Big games: Bill
Linskey & Eileen Nelson with a 70.83%  on January 30; Bee Kinman &
Verna Burns with a 68.75% game on January 28; and Bill Linskey &
Gloria Sedore with a 67.13% game on January 23.
Winners in the Club Championship game on Saturday,
February 4 were: A Strat, 1st-Verna Burns & Joan Tschirki; 2nd-Julia
Cuningham & Howard Smith (1st in Strat B); 3rd-Bob Lofstrom & Dolores
Svigals (2nd in Strat B).
Free luncheon at 11:30 a.m. followed by a special Pro-Am game at
12:30 p.m. in Clubhouse #3. Sign-up with Howard Smith, treasurer, no
later than Monday, March 12, paying bridge fees at time of sign-up.
The field will be divided by master points--top 50% and bottom
50%--the pairings will be a random match. Standard American Yellow
Convention Card will be used by all players.  This is not a "teaching" event--no should'a, could'a, would'as allowed.
For more information, call Larry Slutsky at 562/431-8954
New ACBL Members--welcome to Beverly & Phil Friedman as new
ACBL members!
Results of all Leisure World games are posted on 
Gene Yaffee,    Leisure World Duplicate Bridge  562/430-7040.
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