Long Beach Unit 

February 15, 2010


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


             FEBRUARY 14 UNIT GAME:   Overall results: 1st in A:  Steve Skinner/George Thompson,  2nd Sandra Franciscus/Mark Hartzel, 3rd Kimi Matsumoto/Mark Teaford, 4th Audrey Ellis/Tom Ludwig,  5th Sean Lui/Michael Daley,  6th Simon and Linda Cheng.  Also in the overalls Carol Murakoshi/Hank Dunbar were 1st in C.  Overall winners in the Non-Life Master game were:  1st in A:  Karen and Mike McKittrick, 2nd Monica Gettis/Claudette Barrack, 3rd Sue Blom/Joanne Van Sandt, 4th Tsu Jan/ David Hwang  and 5th Mike and Bert Nielsen.  Congratulations to all! 
             70+% GAMES 1/15 through 2/15:  Mark Teaford/Gary Paugh had a 70.23% in the open game on Monday Feb 1, and Bill Heck/Jim Warner had a 71.88% game in the 99er game Saturday Jan 30.  Congratulations to all of you all!  

  BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:  1st over-all in club games Jan 16 through Feb 15:   Jan 24 Steve Skinner/Bob Lavery won 3.68mp;  Feb 2 George Thompson/Phil Schuster won 6.09mp;  Feb 6 Donna Wenberg/George Welsh won 3.83mp;  Feb 7 Bob Mault/Phyllis Parker won 3.67mp;  Feb 8 Marcus Evans/Bev Shafer won 5.00mp;  Feb 9 in the afternoon game Joan Culbertson/Jude Pede won 6.00mp, and in the evening game Steve and Charlotte Sturm won 3.17mp;  Feb 10 Donna Wenberg/Mark Teaford won 4.67mp;  Feb 11 Mark Teaford/Gary Paugh won 4.83mp;  Feb 12 in the afternoon open game Stanley Snyder/Ron Lien won 6.00mp; in the NLM game Mike and Karen McKittrick won 3.20mp, and in the evening game Charlotte and Steve Sturm won 3.33mp;  Feb 13 Peggy Waite/Jon Yinger won 3.83mp;  in the Feb 14 Unit Game George Thompson/Steve Skinner won 5.24mp.   Big awards for 2nd overall:  Feb 2 Sharon and Al Appel won 4.57mp;  Feb 8 Verna Baccus/Lorrie Schramm won 3.75mp;  Feb 9 Ralph Beazley/Walter Rothstein won 4.50mp;  Feb 10 Jackie Hess/John Farr won 3.50mp;  Feb 11 Susan Powers/Allen Gobert won 3.62mp;  Feb 12 Irwin Bender/Lois Abramson won 4.50mp;  and in the Feb 14 Unit Game Sandra Franciscus/Mark Hartzel won 3.93mp.  Big awards for 3rd overall:  Feb 2 Chiye Horiguchi/Mark Tang won 3.43mp;  Feb 9 Mike Daley/Earl VanDerVord won 3.38mp; and Feb 12 Betty McClellan/Verna Baccus won 3.38mp.  Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS:  We issue a warm welcome to new members Avie Bombar, Loe Lau, Rosalie Storc, Lois Mullin and Mark Teaford (who transferred from Unit 513).  Welcome all!  Status changes:  Junior Masters: George Alemshah and Bonny Walsh;  Club Master: Jerome Smith;  Sectional Master: Elaine Dovgard;  Regional Master:  Aaron Jones;  Nabc Master:  Louise Sperr; Life Masters:  Rosemary Ford, Pritzi Lembi, Sherry Troeger and Annette Sincock; and Bronze Life Master:  Judy Carter-Johnson, Sherry Troeger and Sue Fardette.  Congratulations to you all!! 

UP-COMING SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE CLUB:  Sunday March 14 Unit Game—lunch at 12:30, game at 1pm—non-life masters play for $5.  Wednesday March 17 unit-rated St. Patrick’s Day Game;  March 22 through March 28 STaC Week—silver points.  All special games: regular prices, extra points.     

          CONDOLENCES to family and friends of Betse Straub who passed away earlier this month.           

          GET WELL WISHES to  Betty Barton, Ed Neuroth and Joy Rosenthal.

          GET ON THE E-MAIL LIST FOR THE NEWSLETTER:   If you miss getting the newsletter by snail mail (it’s been a year since the district quit mailing them out), you can have me send you a copy by e-mail.  Send me your e-mail address and I’ll put you on the list.  My email is jyinger1@gmail.com.