Long Beach Unit 

 December 15, 2013

by Jon Yinger

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           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com

            NOVEMBER 27 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  Aaron Jones/Walt Schafer,  2nd  Sankar Reddy/Greg Tapia,  3rd Betty McClellan/Jo Daigle,  4th Yas Takeda/Yoon Kim,  5th Larry Slutsky/Dennis Schmitz, 6th Louis Shen/Alfred Lee.  In the B flight overall:  2nd Doreen Maes/Phyllis Greenstein,  3rd John Petrie/Orhan Gurbuz,  4th Kiyo Nagaishi/Renee Hoffman,  5th Fern and Hank Dunbar, 6th Linda Nye/Terre Premmer.  In the C flight overall Rhoda Weisler/Carol Levin were 4th,  Kathleen and Douglas Preble were 5th.  Congratulations to all!  

         70+% GAMES  November 16th through December 15:   Both in evening games:  Wednesday evening Nov 20 Jo and John Melis had 70.83%.  And Friday evening Sean Lui/Earl VanDerVord had 71.42%.   Congratulations to both pairs!

         BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS  in open games November 16 through December 15:   Nov 18 Steve Rowe/Toni Morford won 3.15mp for 1st,  Nov 19 Marcus Evans/Bill Wilson won 4.08mp for 1st, Chiye Horiguchi/Cecil Cook 3.06mp for 2nd.  Nov 20 Bev Shafer/John Crabtree won 3.85 for 1st.  Nov 21 Bob Weiser/Mike Ullman won 3.03 for 1st.  Nov 22 Cecil Cook/Lowell Andrews won 5.02mp for 1st, Randy Hamlin/Mark Fraser won 3.77mp for 2nd.  In the Unit Game Nov 24 Aaron Jones/Walt Schafer won 5.10mp for 1st,  Sankar Reddy/Greg Tapia 3.83mp for 2nd and Larry Slutsky/Dennis Schmitz won 3.11mp for 1st in B.  Nov 29 Ed and Mike Piken won 4.68mp for 1st, Bill Wilson/Pam Kirkner 3.51mp for 2nd.  Dec 2 Toni Morford/Steve Rowe won 4.33mp for 1st, Sankar Reddy/John Petrie 3.25mp for 2nnd.  Dec 3  Mark Teaford/Renee Hoffman won 3.79mp for 1st in the afternoon game, Kay Tseng/Orhan Gurbuz 3.00mp for 1st in the evening.  Dec 4 Betty McClellan/Toni Morford won 4.67mp for 1st, Phil Schuster/Jon Yinger 3.50mp for 2nd.  Dec 5 Kay Tseng/John Melis won 4.00mp for 1st, John and Suzie Hand 3.00mp for 2nd.  Dec 6 Baum Harris/Patricia Jay won 4.67mp for 1st, Greg Tapia/Les Rawitt 3.50mp for 2nd.  Dec 7 Sankar Reddy/Greg Tapia won 4.17mp for 1st, Phyllis Parker/Alan Flower 3.13mp for 2nd. Congratulations to all!

         NEW MEMBER:  Ralph Brunson.  Welcome to the club!

         STATUS CHANGES:  New Sectional Masters:  Peter Giotta, Gayl Knapp.  New Regional Master:  Shirley Knopf.  New NABC Masters:  Susan Bibby, Roy Tomooka, Karen Watson.  Congratulations to you all!

         GET WELL WISHES to Pat Peters

         UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   Jan 5-11 Grass Roots FUNd week.  Jan 12-18 Club Championship Week.  Jan 19 is the next Unit Game.  Lunch at 12:30, game begins at 1pm.  Jan 22 evening Inter-Club Championship.  Sunday, Jan 26 Bridge-in-a-Day game in the big room, regular open game in the back room.

        NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD  by Judy Carter-Johnson.  

       70% games:    On November 15  Bee Kinman and Joan Tschirki set a new record with a 77.78% game.  Bee is a Diamond Life Master and Joan is a Gold Life Master.  On December 5  Verna Becker and Dorothy had a 70.60% game.

        Club Championship Results:   November 14—Clubhouse #3     Overall winners:  1st in A and B:  Melanie and Jerome Smith.  2nd in A  Verna Baccus/Larry Slutsky.  3rd in A, 2nd in B Lottie Kostar/BettySichel.  4th in A Joyce Henderson/Rob Preece.  5th in A Verna Becker/Dorothy Favre.  6tth in A  Emma Trepinski/Kimiko Matsumoto.  3rd in B  Jean Byer/Sue McHale.  4th in B Bob Lofstrom/Chuck Cutchshaw.  5th in B Gene and Ron Yaffee.

        Holiday Party.  On Dec 6 both groups had a joint bridge game and holiday dinner at Clubhouse #1.  Sixty bridge players and additional guests enjoyed pre-dinner snacks and turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  Thanks to all of the Board Members and other volunteers who helped make this a great event.

        Get Well Wishes to Lottie Kostar.

        Upcoming Club Championship :  Clubhouse #3—Monday Jan 13.

        Upcoming Unit Rate Game:  Clubhouse #3—Thursday Feb 20.

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