Long Beach Unit 

December 15, 2012


by Jon Yinger

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           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


              NOVEMBER 18 Unit Game:  1st over-all in A:  Steve Love/Walt Schafer,  2nd John and Jo Melis,  3rd Oliver Yildiz/Hanefi Erten,  4th  Gloria Sedore/JoanTschirki,  5th Charlotte and Steve Sturm,  6th Bee Kinman/Verna Burns.   In the B flight over-alls 4th were Larry and Sibyl Slutsky,  5th Sankar Reddy/John Petrie,  6th Usha Bansal/Rob Preece.  And in the C flight over-alls Bill Rawlings/Jean Ingram were 2nd,  Susan and Keith Hafen 3rd,  Bob and Pat Adam 4th, Diane and Dennis Schmitz  5th.   In the four-table NLM section there was a tie for 1st between Colleen Bilas/Linda Dillon and Dale Blessing/Elaine Dovgard.  Congratulations to all! 
              NOVEMBER 23 Black Friday unit-rated game:  1st over-all in A:  Murat Veysoglu/Lisa Kuo,    2nd Lois Abramson/Irwin Bender,  3rd Jean Ingram/Bill Rawlings,  4/5 there was a tie between Betty McClellan/Bev Shafer and Steve Love/Walt Schafer, and in 6th place Sue Foigelman/John Chang.  In the B flight over-alls 4th were Bob Goldstein/Larry Topper,  5th Dick and Linda Stein,  6th Marcus Evans/Ralph Beazley.  Congratulations to all! 
              70+% GAMES in open games November through December 15:  Dec 8 Steve Mager/Mike Savage  had 72.45%;  Dec 12 Bob Mault/Verna Baccus had 71.31%.  In NLM games Nov 20 Joan and Richard Buhl had 71.24%,  Nov 26 Fred Willbanks/Roger Farmer had 74.09%,  Dec 3 Charlene and Robin Garthwaite had 70.63%, and Dec 12 Ken Ritmire/Dennis Mitchell had 73%.  Congratulations to all six pairs!!  

  BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:    Big point awards in open pairs games November 16  through December 15:   In the Nov 18 unit game Walt Schafer/Steve Love won 4.53mp for 1st, John and Jo Melis won 3.40mp for 2nd.  In the Black Friday unit-rated game Nov 23 Lisa Kuo/Murat Veysoglu won 4.82mp for 1st, Lois Abramson/Irwin Bender won 3.62mp for 2nd.  Congratulations to all four pairs!

           NEW MEMBERS:   Tad Gelardos, Delia Hernandez, Kersten Truelson.  Transfers into our unit:  Janet Gibbons and Thomas Gibbons.   Welcome to the club!

STATUS CHANGES:   Junior Masters:  Jennifer Macfarland, Cynthia Pinkerton;   Sectional Master:  Richard Schaeffer;  NACB  Masters:  Renee Hoffman, Peggi Spring.  And new Life Master:  Joyce Henderson.  Congratulations you all!! 

CONDOLENCES to the families and friends of Mihir Das and Curtis Johnson both of whom passed away earlier this month.

           UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   January 6 thru 13 Club championship Week:  extra points, regular prices.  Jan 16 (evening):  Inter-Club championship.  Monday—Jan21:  MLK unit-rated game:  extra points, regular prices.  Jan 27 Unit Game--lunch 12:30, game at 1pm.    

             LEISURE WORLD ACBL Bridge World news:   From Sharon Beran.   Leisure World is back on the map! With three 70+% games this month. Bee Kinman & Bill Linskey, Betty Jackson & Gloria Sedore, Sue Fardette and Vince Remedios, plus Sue and Vince also won our "8 is Enough" game.

             Please check the Mini-McKinney: 0 - 5 Audrey Healy, & Jack Dampman.  20 - 50 Betty Scharf, & Ron Jaffee.   200 - 300 Cooie Dampman, Bob Turansick, Stan Blitz, & Howard Smith. 300 - 500 Aaron Jones, & Pat Turansick.   1000 - 2500 Larry Slutsky.   5000 - 7500 Doris James (deceased)

            Ace of Clubs, Ted Wieber, Nhuong Phama and Julie Cunningham. Well done bridge buddies.

Holiday Parties Clubhouse 1, had nine tables, and a wonderful dinner. They also presented the new board for the coming year.  Looking forward to the dinner in  clubhouse 3, on Thursday of this month.

          As we say, Keep on shuffling along!

Joan T'schirki, and her cub reporter Sharon Beran

          For more information on Club events call Ruth Kaller, Club Manager, at 562/430-0316 or Ted Wieber, President, at 562/596-8661.  Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org 

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