Long Beach Unit


By Christine Frumen


UNIT GAME December 3

 Lunch at 12:30 pm –

Annual Membership Meeting at 1:00 – Game at 1:30 pm



DECEMBER UNIT GAME: Besides the Unit Game which occurs on Sunday, Dec 3, this is the month of party, party, party. Our unit game is a Charity Game – what better time than the holidays to have all the proceeds of the game go to our charity, the Long Beach WomenShelter? We will also have our “required” annual Membership meeting so mark your calendars for this first Sunday of the month game.   

OCTOBER UNIT GAME RESULTS: Nineteen tables in two sections came for the Unit Game in Oct. Overall scores were: 1st Betty McClellan & Mary Schefter; 2nd in Flt A (1st in B & C), Linda & Dick Stein; 3rd, Phyllis Parker & Bob Mault; tied for 4th & 5th, Steven Lowe & Sandra Pickering and Mark Itabashi & Sande Stanger; 6th, (2nd in B), Elinor Baratelle & Dottie Thompson. In Flt B, Kay Sullivan & Glenda Mann took 3rd (2nd in Flt C) and George Norman & Kay Tseng took 4th (3rd in C). Luncheon coordinators for the game were Donna Wenberg, Barbara Balowitz and Carol Murakoshi.

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We happily welcome six new members to our unit this month. Peggy Graue, Ann Hamilton, Julie Osborne, Bruce Peterson, Carol Warren and Ida Wolff have joined our unit. Glad to have you! Beatrice Aron is our new Club Master.  Cindy Matsuk is a new Regional Master. And a big congratulations to Kay Tseng – our newest Life Master. We love those milestones!

70+% GAMES: There are a couple of interesting 70% games this month. At a Membership Game, Bea and John Bralliar scored a 71.01% in the N/S direction. Cayce Blanchard and John Killian scored a 70.95% in the E/W direction. Doesn’t that just kill you? It’s tough enough to get a 70% game without losing first O/A by .06%. Arrrrgh! At the Unit Game, Sue and Keith Hafen scored a 70.67% game. All fine games. Great playing!  

THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: Starting Monday, Dec 4 until Sunday, Dec 10 there is the Western Conference Sectional Tournament at Clubs.  That means huge O/A awards (all Silver) because you are playing against hundreds of players at clubs in the Western Conference. An early holiday gift from the District? Maybe, but it’s going to cost you a $9 card fee for each game. You will get hand records for your extra money – whether you want them or not.  The Stratified Open Team Game on Monday, Dec 4 falls in this Silver Point Bonanza. (There will be no hand records for the Team Game.)

The Bridge Center’s Holiday Party is on Wednesday evening, Dec 13. Dinner at 7pm – game at 7:30. You have two days to digest that meal when the popular Holiday Potluck party beckons you on Friday, Dec 15 – Lunch at noon – game at 12:30.

As if that weren’t enough, there is a Week of Championship Games from Sunday, Dec 17 through Saturday, Dec 23 – regular card fees, regular schedule. Maybe all these are the real holiday gifts. There is certainly enough bridge for everyone this month.

CONDOLENCES & GET WELL: Glad to see Joyce Siegal back at the tables so quickly after her heart attack. This reporter was dreading writing this obit - Mary Jane Jones has passed away. She was a personal favorite of mine and will be missed by her friends and partners. We were privileged to know this special lady.

To the rest of you, please stay well over the holidays, be careful, don’t eat too much and please don’t drink and drive. I’d rather not write about you under this heading.

            THIS AND THAT: The Unit Board has elected new officers. Congratulations to Steve Sulzby, President, John Killian, VP, Carol Murakoshi, Secretary and Donna Wenberg, Treasurer.

            I’m glad to be back and thank Irma for writing the column in my absence. I loved Australia and New Zealand. My daughter’s home is beautiful, the Great Barrier Reef is absolutely a must see! Australia is a BIG country and there is a lot to see and not enough time. It’s not that far – only an hour longer than to Europe. The Aussies drive on the left and that’s a problem crossing streets – we tend to look the wrong way. No bridge for this traveler but who wanted to with so much to see?

            That’s all for this year. For new items, email me at golfgal@charter.net or call me at 562-434-8993. We try to print all news items forwarded.