Long Beach Unit

August 15, 2013

by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com

††††††††††† JULY 28 Unit Game:†† Overall results:1st in A:Sankar Reddy/John Petrie,2nd Ed Barad/Carol McCully,3rd Lois Abramson/Gary Paugh,4th Larry and Sibyl Slutsky,5th Hank and Fern Dunbar,6th Judith Jones/Wayne Rapp.In the B flight overall 4th Patricia Jay/Paul Pettler,5th Phyllis Greenstein/Doreen Maes,6th Kiyo Nagaishi/Renee Hoffman.In the C flight overall Pat and Bob Adam were 3rd,Sue Boswell/Bettyanne Houts 4th,Marlys Haraden/Haroon Sorathia 5th.In the NLM section:1st Sally Fenton/Mary Lund,2nd Rick Schaeffer/Dahlia Hernandez, 3rd Rosalie Storc/Jane Okimoto, 4th Martin Lipman/Bill Dilks.Congratulations to all!

70+% GAMES in the club July 16 through August 15:In the open game July 16 Walt Schafer/Steve Love had 72.92%.In 199er game;on July 17 Pam Cronn/Sylvia Kaprelyan had 73%, and on July 31 Gil Fisher/Tom Cole had 71.49%.Congratulations to all three pairs!

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS July 16 through August 15:In the evening game July 26 Susan and Keith Hafen tied with John Petrie/Orhan Gurbuz for first over-all, each winning 3.58mp.In the Unit Game July 28 John Petrie/Sankar Reddy won 4.96mp for 1st over-all, and Carol McCully/Ed Barad won 3.72mp for 2nd. Aug 4 John and Jo Melis were 1st winning 3.50mp.Aug 5 George Welsh/Michael Fishman were 1st winning 5.00mp,Marcie Evans/Martin Mack were 2nd winning 3.75mp.Aug 6 in the afternoon game Lina Cheng/Lois Abramson were 1st winning 5.83mp, Chiye Horiguchi/Mark Tang were 2nd winning 4.37mp, Phyllis Greenstein/Doreen Maes were 3rd winning 3.28mp, and Bee Kinman/Jon Yinger were 1st in the evening game winning 3.00mp.Aug 7 Mark Teaford/Brandon Sheumaker were 1st winning 5.33mp, Verna Baccus/Bob Mault were 2nd winning 4.00mp, Steve Rowe/Marcus Evans were 3rd winning 3.00mp.Aug 8 John Petrie/Orhan Gurbuz were 1st winning 4.33mp, Lois Abramson/Betty Jackson were 2nd winning 3.25mp.Aug 9 John Farr/Gaye Herrington were 1st winning a record 7.00mp, Kay Tseng were 2nd winning 5.25mp, Betty McClellan/Verna Baccus were 3rd winning 3.94mp.Aug 12 John and Suzie Hand were 1st winning 3.79mp.Aug 13 Om Chokriwala/Neal Kleiner were 1st winning 3.03mp.Aug 14 Wen Lee/Michael Teng were 1st winning 3.47mp. Aug 15 Orhan Gurbuz/John Petrie were 1st winning 3.03mp.Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBER:Randy Frisk.Welcome to the club!

STATUS CHANGES: New Junior Master:Kersten Truelson; ††New Club Master:John Krafft; ††New Regional Master:John Galligher; ††New Bronze Life Master:Dennis Higginson.Congratulations to you all!

†††††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:Monday Sept 2 unit-rated Labor Day Game.Extra points, regular prices.International Fund Week Sept 9-15. Extra points, $11 fee. Districts 22-23 STaC week Sept 16-22. Extra points, hand records, $11 fee.Unit Game Sunday Sept 29 at Leisure World Club House 1.Bbq lunch at 12 noon, game at 1:00 pm or sooner.Fee: $8.

††††††† CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Gary King and Gloria Sedore who passed away earlier this month. Two delightful people; they will be sorely missed.

††††††† NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD:no news this month.

††††††† Games are held on Mondays and Thursdays at Clubhouse #3 and on Fridays and Saturdays at Clubhouse #1 at 12:30 p.m. Players are asked to be there by 12:15 to confirm their reservations. Reservations are necessary because Leisure World is a gated community and you name must be at the gate for entry--reservations may be made by calling Ruth Kaller at 562/430-0316.††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†† ††Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††

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